Top 6 Sources of Restaurant Marketing Online

In the competitive business environment, food business is highly competitive. There is a multitude of restaurants, shared economy food services, home delivery services, expensive restaurants, and inexpensive restaurants. In a highly saturated restaurant business industry, where each food business might have minimum of ten other businesses to compete with, marketing a restaurant effectively is essential to generate revenue. Without effective marketing, it is difficult to spread the word about your restaurant to your customers. In the world of information technology, where the consumer is highly knowledge oriented, it is essential to offer knowledge about the services you are offering to your customers. To find out how you can spread the word about your restaurant to your customers, please read below.

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When we hear the word social media marketing, Facebook is probably the first social media site that comes to mind. When it comes to consumers making decision about what food to eat and which restaurants to choose from, they are highly likely to check Facebook for reviews of different restaurants, menu options, food pictures and pricing. In contemporary environments, if you are not employing Facebook as an effective source of marketing your restaurant, then you are not investing effectively in digital marketing. To use Facebook as an effective source of marketing; you should have your restaurant’s page on Facebook that should be promoted with targeted marketing so that you can spread the word about your restaurant to the people in your restaurant. Additionally, you should invest in marketing strategies such as offering discounts and exclusive offers through your Facebook group/pages to attract more customers, and turn your Facebook likes into actual revenue generating customers.


Although Yelp is not functional available in all countries, restaurants that are situated in countries where Yelp is a popular platform for consumers to review the places they want to visit, it is essential to use Yelp. It is an integrated third-party platform that enables customers to post their reviews about various places/restaurants that they visited. If you add your restaurant to Yelp, with your operating hours, menu, and prices, etc., and customer reviews, you are more likely to increase your number of customers.

When you post your restaurant on Yelp, make sure you review your customers’ feedback regularly to ensure that you are dealing with any negative feedback effectively and promoting things that are adding to the positive feedback of your restaurant.


It is a normal consumer behavior now to search for places they want to visit online. For example, if someone wants sushi in New York and they are new there, they might Google “Sushi places/Sushi Restaurants in New York” and choose one of those places that appear on Google according to its reviews. Google plus is not very popular right now but when you add your restaurant to Google plus, it optimizes your restaurant for SEO and it starts showing up in top searches. Like Yelp, you should also try to add reviews to your restaurant on Google plus, so that when someone opens your restaurant, they can see the positive feedback about your restaurant.

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Twitter is a wonderful way to invest in minimalistic marketing. You could launch different competitions on twitter or post about your food and encourage your regular customers to post about your food just using 140 characters. Active users on twitter are more likely to interact with fun posts about food on twitter all the while promoting your restaurant. So, do not miss this opportunity of great marketing by not using Twitter.


Instagramming pictures of their food is one of the most favorite hobbies of foodies. As a restaurant owner/marketer, you should use this opportunity and create an Instagram page for your restaurant as well as encourage your regular customers to interact with your page to promote your food even further. Your Instagram and other social media accounts should be integrated so that you can run a holistic marketing campaign on social media and promote your restaurant through all mediums.


As mentioned earlier. Consumers are more knowledge oriented now and they interact with businesses who add value to their experience. To attract more consumers, restaurants can use blogs and websites to share knowledge about food, food related issues, and even health articles. This will encourage consumers to interact with you regularly since you are providing them with beneficial information that is adding value to their experience. So, use your blog and website as a source of marketing for your restaurant and you will see an increase in consumer interaction.

The key to marketing any business is to employ a holistic online and offline approach to promote a business through all ends. Digital marketing in contemporary environment is essential for businesses specifically restaurants, to attract more consumers and to gain a competitive edge. The 6 sources could help restaurants in gaining more customers effectively. To find out how these mediums can help you gain more customers, stay tuned for more tips and tricks on restaurant marketing.


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