Modernize Your Restaurant's Point of Sale System

Point of Sale technology is quickly changing. Let us show you how Rezku POS can reduce your costs, revive your staff and keep you more in-tune with your operations.

Don’t take our word for it. Test drive our POS software risk free for two weeks.

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Which Best Describes Your Restaurant?

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Do It Right The First Time

If You’re Starting a New Restaurant You Need Answers And a POS Vendor You Can Count On

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the restaurant business. It’s best to lean on the advice of those who have experience, and avoid costly mistakes that others have made — so you can avoid the same traps.

Choosing the wrong POS system can be a mistake that hangs over your head for years. Talk to experienced restaurant owners who have been in the business a long time and let them describe their POS company:

  • Reduce POS training time

    A Complicated and Tedious Training Process

  • Control Restaurant Point of Sale costs

    Costs That Spiral out of Control

  • Control your restaurant efficiently

    Lack of Control Where It Matters

Don’t Spend Hours Training on a Backward Point of Sale

The learning curve and expense of employee training is steep for restaurants because turnover rates are so high. Can you afford the drop in productivity? Can your kitchen handle the chaos caused by untrained servers? If you choose the wrong point of sale for your restaurant today, you’ll feel that pain again every time you hire new employees.

Imagine if you never had to deal with training costs again and could reduce new hire onboarding time to minutes – for every employee. It would give you a reason to smile, all because you decided to try Rezku POS for free.

When you see how easy it can be with a point of sale designed for simplicity, you won’t consider anything else.

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What You Thought You Were Paying and What You Actually Pay

With the wrong POS company they draw you in with a low rate, but once you start doing business, it can feel like you’re sinking into quicksand. These companies take advantage of you, pulling you in deeper. Little by little they pile on additional fees, service charges, and licensing costs. It’s a sneaky way to double the price of your point of sale!

Concerned POS customers

What’s even worse is if you pay willingly! An expensive POS does not mean it’s better. The fact is that there are many high-priced point-of-sales out there that lack basic features found in Rezku POS. You’re not paying for better features; it’s because there are more third parties getting cut in.

Try Rezku for yourself and compare it side by side with your current POS. See for yourself if a lower cost means making any sacrifices. We’ll tell you right now; it doesn’t. You’ve got a lot to gain.

You Want Answers and Oversight

If you are glassing over while they explain their restaurant POS reports you’re already in trouble. Data overload is definitely a thing. You don’t need endless lines in a never-ending spreadsheet when what you really want is answers.

Happy Point of Sale customers

The wrong POS will try to impress you with the number of reports, rather than quality data. Rezku uses smart reports that allow you to ustomize the range of data. It’s easy to filter out what you don’t need and focus on what matters.

Control also means locking down your system and protecting yourself from losses. If you don’t have employee theft controls built into your point of sale, they could be robbing you right in front of your face by skimming the drawer, or making food that’s not being charged.

Rezku POS gives you total control of your restaurant so you can keep a close watch on all the ways that money comes in and out of your business. From live dashboards to sales exceptions reports and permissions, you can lock staff out of what you don’t want them doing. We take security as seriously as you do.

Take control of your restaurant today with Rezku POS

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Rezku POS is a different kind of restaurant company, so naturally it’s a different kind of point of sale.

Developed from the ground up to be fast, reliable and affordable, let us show you why Rezku POS is the best choice for independent and small chain restaurant owners across America.

When you contact us, we provide you with a free one-to-one consulting session to teach you all about modern POS, cloud-based restaurant management and the freedom that comes with no contracts and no hidden fees.

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What You Don’t Know About Advancements in Restaurant POS Could Put the Competition Ahead of You

Learn About Recent Changes in POS Technology Before Choosing a New Point of Sale for Your Restaurant

When it comes to point of sale, there’s a lot that’s changed in the last five years, even in the last year. While you’ve been busy running your restaurant you might have noticed that smartphones have gotten a lot smarter and tablets have been replacing traditional computers.

Seasoned restaurant owner using Rezku POS

What you can get for a few hundred dollars today has better technology than what a few thousand dollars bought just years ago. Apps are replacing computer programs because they’re so easy to use a child (or new employee) can learn to use them in minutes.

Legacy POS Companies Are Counting On You Not Knowing

When the POS salespeople come calling, they depend on the fact that you’re likely too busy working late, running a restaurant to know that you could easily avoid high fees, long contracts, and expensive hardware. They’re counting on the fact that you’re afraid of the hassle of switching from one point of sale system to another – because you’re probably remembering all the trouble it was installing their equipment.

But the truth is that it’s easy, it’s wireless, and it’s fast to switch with Rezku POS and iPad.

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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Data Security and Protect Your Business

If you’re not PCI and EMV compliant today, the consequences could be devastating in the form of fees, penalties, and compliance audits.

Concerned customer

Legacy POS systems based on Windows are subject to all of Windows' security issues, but you’re the one responsible if cyberfraud takes place in your business.

We take security very seriously and help to guard you against the consequences of data security breaches by helping you protect the private payment information your guests entrust to you. Rezku POS is the only cloud-based iPad POS for restaurants that is 100% EMV and PCI compliant.

Rezku POS Helps You Do More, With Fewer Headaches

Let’s be honest; you’re probably not going to work fewer hours because that’s not your style. But you want to spend your time doing what is most valuable. With Rezku Point of Sale for Restaurants, you can get more done on the go because it’s cloud-based. Everything you need to know about your restaurant’s performance is always with you, right in your pocket. Check sales, manage employee labor, modify menu items and more at any time – directly on your smartphone.

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Modern point of sale solutions are more affordable, more capable and more reliable than legacy systems, but make sure you know what you’re getting into

It’s not just legacy POS systems that can get you into trouble, there are hundreds of “cash register apps” in the App Store, but they’re not all the same. Rezku POS is led by a veteran restaurateur like you, who was tired of seeing small business owners overcharged and saddled with ineffective technology.

To avoid a costly mistake, the smartest thing you can do is try before you buy. Know what you’re getting into and see for yourself how refreshingly easy to use a point of sale can be. Take advantage of a free one-to-one restaurant management technology consultation with one of our expert advisors now. Save money and stay ahead of the competition with Rezku POS. Start today for free.

A New Age of Restaurants Demands a Different Kind of POS

Rezku Point of Sale Combines Modern Technology with Old-School Customer Support

Restaurant POS hardware Rezku POS printer hardware Rezku POS card reader hardware Rezku POS card reader hardware Rezku POS receipt printer hardware
Rezku pos hardware with text descriptions

Our system isn't just a "cash register app" or typical iPad point of sale. Rezku POS is a robust restaurant management solution designed from the ground up with one thing in mind:

Rezku POS potential customers


The independent restaurant entrepreneur.

The doers, the dreamers, the people driven by a creative force to risk everything to make something out of nothing — we understand you, and we've got your back.

Your restaurant needs an advanced point of sale that is:

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Rezku Point Of Sale Does It Better

There are lots of reasons why so many restaurant owners choose Rezku POS for their restaurant.

Restaurant Point of Sale System

Green check markSimple Yet Capable

Green check markReliable and Affordable

Green check markiPad-based Restaurant POS

For your business to succeed you need a point of sale for your restaurant that's up-to-date, modern and feature rich. But you don't want to pay too much or deal with a complicated change-over.

With iPad and Rezku POS it's easy, and we're with you the whole way.

iPad Is Cutting Edge Technology

Put the computing power of a high-end laptop to work in your restaurant, yet it's easy enough for a child to use. This keeps you from the expense of having to refresh your system hardware in a few years. If you care about digital security, iOS is one of the most secure operating systems, free from most viruses and attacks.

iPad Gives You A Big Bang For Your Buck

Unlike Windows computers and Android tablets, an iPad is an asset. When you compare the price to value you'll see that you can't find a better deal in computers than an iPad. Brand new iPads start at under $350, which is an unbelievable deal you couldn't get until recently.

If you'd like to know more about why iPad is the best POS for busy restaurants, click here.

Learn more about why you shouldn't get a legacy POS system.

The Rezku POS Difference

Our next-generation restaurant management system is built to avoid the pitfalls of other systems and give restaurateurs the tools they need to get more done. Run your restaurant without the headaches and hassles experienced when dealing with other point of sales companies, and get the in-depth reporting you want with an easy to use iPad app.

Various restaurant employees
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Simple. Affordable. And Packed With Bennies.

Long contracts, extra fees, being hard-sold on extra stuff you don't need. Does this sound familiar? If you've been looking for a new POS for your restaurant then chances are it does.

We know what it's like to be a restaurant manager and we want the opportunity to treat you the same way we'd like to be treated if we were in your shoes.

If you're ready, just pick your plan and get started today.

People using rezku ipad point of sale

A Partner, Not Just a Vendor

The restaurants who choose to do business with us are not just customers, they are partners. If you're interested in partnering with us, let's chat.

  • Vesuvios Restaurant


    Italian Restaurant

  • 83 West Restaurant

    83 West


  • Veteran's of Foreign Wars Restaurant

    Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Members Only Club

  • Devil May Care Restaurant

    Devil May Care

    Ice Cream Parlor

  • Bada Restaurant


    Sushi & Bistro

“Their customer service is number one. Every time I call I feel like they really care.”

— Luigi D., Owner

“Implementation was easy, and the customer service and tech staff have been easy to work with every step of the way.”

— Shannon S., Owner

“As a veteran bartender/server I can confidently say the Rezku system is great!”

— Kitty L., Manager

“This is the best POS system I've ever used!”

— Jess M., Owner

“Tech support was always there for me. They would really take the time to help me understand the hardware and software.”

— Tommy C., Owner

If you think Rezku is doing things differently than the other point of sale vendors, then you're right. If you're curious to know more or would like to try out our POS, then just click the link to fill out the demo request form.

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Restaurant Owners Choose Rezku POS

Whatever type of restaurant concept you have in mind — family restaurant, fine dining, sandwich shop, cafe, ice cream parlor or nightclub, or more — just know, we've got you covered. There are many more restaurateurs just like you that we have helped become more successful and efficient restaurant managers with the Rezku POS app.

Three Rezku POS restaurant employees

A Customer Driven Point of Sale

We strive to impress every one of our customers with a superior level of service and support they never expect from a POS vendor. We always listen carefully and document the feedback we receive. This feedback from our customers is a primary driver of the development direction of Rezku POS. The real-world needs and day to day priorities of the many restaurant owners we work with continue to shape the evolution of Rezku POS.

Restaurant Point of Sale System
Point of Sale Support Point of Sale Support (mobile)

Get Answers Fast

15 Minutes — and No Sales Shenanigans

Choosing a restaurant POS system is an important business decision.Your decision-making timeline should be respected. We promise not to bug you, and we'll never sell or trade your data. We just want the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with you to help you decide if Rezku POS is the right fit for your business.

It all starts with an introduction. Just fill out this request form to schedule a demo.

Pleased to meet you.