7 Proven Restaurant Sales Strategies

This article will help you think creatively about ways to bring more people into your restaurant with seven proven strategies to increase restaurant sales.

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1. Turn Slow Days Into Parties to Increase Sales

Scrap the rulebook and turn your slow days into a celebration! Taco Tuesdays have turned more than a few slow Tuesdays nights into a profitable party. By offering a lively atmosphere and a discounted menu, this proven restaurant sales strategy helps you draw in people!

2. Tempt people into your Restaurant with Live Music

There are lots of different live music formats for restaurants. Add a piano player or a jazz trio to the dining room to give your restaurant an air of swanky sophistication. Karaoke, DJs, rock bands, open mic nights, belly dancers and flamenco guitarists each create a different mood but all of them will draw in customers.

3. Associate Your Restaurant with Charity and Community Events

Offer part of your restaurant or an unused banquet area to be used for charity and community events, during slow times. This restaurant sales strategy will bring new people into your building, spread good will, and remind people that you are part of the community.

4. Market your Restaurant Online to Increase Sales

Make sure you’re keeping your loyal fans up to date on all your activities and specials. If you haven’t yet made the leap into online marketing and social media, we’ve got you covered. The Learning Center has lots of guides to help you promote your restaurant online.

5. Make Sure You’re Listed

Register your restaurant on every listings service that’s out there, including Rezku and be sure your address, phone number, and website are correct and up to date. As well as any information about your restaurant, including cuisine and hours.

6. ​Join the Chamber of Commerce to Be the First to know What’s Going On​

Becoming a pillar of the community is a great restaurant sales strategy. You’ll know more about what’s going on in your area and you can contribute in meaningful ways. Networking with other local businesses provides you with many great opportunities to cross promote your business.

​7. Sponsor a Sports Team and Bring the Fans Into Your Restaurant​

Local youth sports teams always need help with equipment and uniforms. By investing in a youth sports team and cross promoting with your business, you can generate new customers and build your relationship with the community. If you can get your logo on the uniforms, that’s even better!

These are just some of the ways you can appeal to new customers and generate excitement for your restaurant. The most effective restaurant sales strategy is to find ways to interact with more people and put your restaurant in the limelight by doing something special for your local community.


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