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Restaurant POS System

The Restaurant POS System
That Will Make You More

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A POS system is a pivotal purchase. You need a system you can rely on. We have built a reliable,

robust, and affordable system that will really change the way you think about POS systems.

Cloud Secure

If you are used to a POS system that is tied to a computer server in your office we will revolutionize how you operate your restaurant. Imagine changing menus at home, adding new employees to your system from the beach, or seeing your sales totals in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Hassle Free

Gone is the day where you need a geek to program, set up, or operate your POS system. Can you turn on an iPad? Yes, it's that simple. With Rezku POS you will never need to program another IP address into a kitchen printer. Never again do you have to download a menu into a spreadsheet to change it. Our POS automatically finds your printers. Our menus are drag and drop. What took you hours of pseudo-tech confusion will take you minutes with our POS system.

Train in 5 Minutes

You heard right. While other POS companies require that you go to their university to use their system we have developed a POS so simple you can train a server in 5 minutes. Split a check in seconds. Move a party with one click. Our POS is easier to use than a cell phone.


Free for the First Year

Our POS software is free for the first year.† If you don't love it, switch to another POS company; we don't lock you into a contract. Use unlimited terminals with unlimited users without software fees, support fees, or set up fees. We are so confident that once you use our system you will be hooked for life. We have rethought the way a POS system works, making your life easier than ever.

Tableside Orders

Take orders, send tickets, and process credit cards right at the table. Dramatically speed up your service time, decrease your table turn times, and increase the number of guests you can serve. Our POS can help you modernize your restaurant operations, reduce your labor costs, and enhance your guests' experience.

Offline Done Right

Your internet goes out during a busy service and what do you do? With Rezku POS you can keep right on moving. We don't require you to buy a computer server to run in offline mode. Nor do we require you to buy an expensive cellular router. Our software is so sound that your staff will probably not even notice that Rezku POS has switched to offline mode. Utilize all of your terminals, send orders to the kitchen, and accept credit cards even in offline mode.

Full Service Functionality

Ok, so you're used to a big POS terminal with a server gathering dust in your office. You have to be thinking if this software can really run your restaurant. The answer is yes. We have many advanced functions that even the big guys don't have. Check out our features page on this site and you will see we have what it takes.

PCI & EMV Compliant

Our restaurant point of sale is 100% PCI & EMV compliant. Our POS allows you to reduce your fraud liability and comply with processing regulations. Let us show you how we can modernize your processing without additional transaction fees.

Here's The Deal

We have rethought the restaurant POS system. We have built software with cutting-edge technology designed to make your life easier and your POS to work at an ease you have never experienced before. We are letting any restaurant use our software (unlimited terminals and users) for the first year for free.† You have nothing to lose. Call us and start saving money, time, and improve your guests' experience.

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Modernize Your POS System

Rezku POS is uniquely designed to streamline your order taking, reduce your training time, and improve your guests’ experience.

We have armed Rezku POS with advanced functionality to help you run a tighter operation, reduce theft and put more dollars in your pocket.

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