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Rezku POS is the easy to use fully-featured iPad point of sale for restaurants of all sizes.

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Busy restaurant

When new restaurants open nearby, projects like remodeling, updating the menu and getting new signage become very important — but they can also be costly.

Cookers coooking in restaurant kitchen

Labor rates have been increasing due to new laws, while at the same time the availability of skilled restaurant staff has been shrinking.

Restaurant employee using Rezku iPad POS

Food costs are up due to fuel costs, labor and climate change. Large chains benefit from discounts by buying ingredients and supplies in bulk from vendors.

Business-related meeting

The large restaurant chains spend millions in advertising on regional and national promotional campaigns, spreading the word by brute force.

Rezku POS Provides Restaurant Owners a Pathway to Success.

A complete restaurant management system to help you run an efficient operation.

Restaurant POS Restaurant POS Mobile Management Restaurant POS Management
  • Item descriptions work as “cheat sheets” for new servers
  • Forced and unforced modifiers to make sure the kitchen gets accurate orders
  • Table service with floor plans to keep things running smooth
  • Easy to read dashboards show you all the details
  • Check on the performance of your promotions
  • Monitor employees and verify timecards
  • Easy menu design with a drag and drop interface
  • Export your data to spreadsheets for advanced analysis
  • Per-server product sales reports to find superstars
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Track and Monitor Restaurant Sales

Rezku POS is a robust reporting platform. Because it's cloud-based you can monitor sales from anywhere, giving you peace of mind and the business knowledge you need to make the right decisions. The who, what, when and how of reporting gives you a clear picture of what's going on in your restaurant. Rezku Point of Sale helps you understand what's working in the restaurant and what isn’t.

Manage Restaurant Labor

Effective staffing means having coverage when you need it, but overstaffing can be an expensive mistake. Because Rezku is a fully integrated restaurant management platform, tracking and logging labor from within the system is easy and allows you to monitor and limit employee related costs to stay within your budget. Our cloud-based management tools let you do things like remote timecard editing that you can do right on your phone.

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Audit Kitchen Inventory

Excess kitchen waste costs you too much money. You can't sell rotting food so you might as well be throwing away dollar bills. But at the same time, when you run out of a profitable item before you've met your guests' demands, you've got unsatisfied customers. Rezku Point of Sale for restaurants helps you monitor stock levels. This is critical when it comes to auditing to protect your business from employee theft.

Run Effective Promotions

You earn a reputation through word of mouth and by making guests feel like they're at home. You want to promote strategically but shouldn't give away the shirt off your back. You need tools to help you track product costs, promotional effectiveness and advertising ROI like the big restaurant franchises.

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The Most Reliable Restaurant POS Platform

Restaurant employee using Rezku POS

Because it's based on iPad tablet technology — the most problem free point of sale technology available to restaurants. Windows has hundreds of known security issues, and Android over a thousand. iPad has one. Rezku POS is downloaded from the Apple App Store, which means it's been fully vetted by Apple not to cause problems.

The Easiest to Use Point of Sale for Restaurants

Our point of sale and back office interface wins for easiest to use, hands down. New customers always tell us why they choose our POS — because it's so easy to use. Most restaurant management systems are unnecessarily complicated, with rows and rows of buttons built on top of buttons, under multiple tabs and menus.

Rezku Restaurant Point of Sale Wine Bottle

Does your POS system look like it was cobbled from different pieces that don't work together? We designed a POS that uses a holistic design that just makes a lot more sense. You pick it up, and you'll already know how to use it, reducing training time and frustrations for you and your staff.

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It only takes 15 minutes to participate in a personalized demonstration from one of our responsive product experts. Start right away and get free unlimited training and support from the best POS customer service team in the industry. You can access your account from anywhere you have the internet and use the Rezku POS app on as many iPads as you'd like!

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