Point of Sale Solutions for Popular Pizza Restaurants

Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for pizzerias of all sizes.

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Do You Ever Have These Thoughts?

Concerned customer

Pizza menus can be complicated with so many options, but that shouldn’t mean your POS is hard to learn to put orders in.

Overworked employee

It’s unfortunate that trust is seem by some as an oportunity to take advantage. You need to have control while getting the job done.

Relying on technology

Overportioning and unauthorized discounts are theft and need to be controlled. Young employees may not understand the seriousness!

Employees stealing

Your servers need to be organized! When it’s a busy night, you may sometimes want to give up on table service.

Rezku Helps Pizza Restaurants Do More

POS tools to help pizzeria owners stay in control

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  • Unlimited modifiers and modifier options for all your pizza creations!
  • Table layouts keep the dining area running smoothly even on a busy night
  • Print orders to the make-line from the front and keep servers out of the kitchen!
  • View sales and labor stats anywhere you go for peace of mind
  • Easy to read dashboards make data beautiful and warn you of trouble
  • Full access to back-office functionality with secure cloud storage
  • Set individual permissions to control who has access and who won’t
  • Manage inventory and cost – Enforce portioning with audits
  • Employee timecards feature security images to make sure punches are accurate
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A Pizza Menu That Works the Way You Do

With unlimited modifiers and modifier options, you’ll have a clean and organized menu that keeps orders moving swiftly. Support for whole/half and substitute toppings – no problem with Rezku point of sale for pizzerias.

Control Access and Permissions like a Boss

With per-user permissions management, you can designate high-trust individuals with tasks without giving away everything. Secure permissions are tied to a role, but individ- ual access keys can be granted to members outside of their role when you decide.

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Keep Track of Every Comp and Discount

Every transaction is tracked per server, every discount is logged and is accessible anytime from your phone or computer. Never wonder about who’s giving away food. If the “no sale” button is used to open a register, you’ll know who did it and when. Nothing is getting past you!

Easy Table Service That Keeps Things Organized

If you offer table service or are thinking about it, not only is iPad perfectly equipped for the job with current wireless standards, but Rezku point of sale features detailed floor plans. Order by table and by seat. With just a tap reopen orders. Start a tab, split and merge tickets – give your piz- zeria guests fine-dining service!

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This Offline Mode Really Works

Rezku POS Customer Support

Unlike other POS systems for pizza restaurants that may advertise an offline mode this one really works. Print to the kitchen, print customer receipts and take credit card payments. Yes, with Rezku POS you can still receive offline credit card payments and keep your business running, even if your internet access goes down!

Keep Them Coming Back with Guest Profiles and Offer Gift Cards

With the addition of customer loyalty and CRM, you can keep a record of your guest’s addresses and other contact information for your marketing list. Start a pizza fan club and manage it from the back office without issuing paper punch cards. Start a gift card promotion to lift holiday sales and give your brand a professional look with high-quality cards.

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You Can Do So Much With Rezku POS. Why Not Start Today?

Download Rezku POS for free today and let our team of experts show you all the power under the hood. You'll be up and running in no time flat because we designed it that way. Start using Rezku POS in your pizza right now.

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