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Can You Relate to These Problems?

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The stakes are high — a large venue in a populated area is an expensive property to maintain. The only way it works is having a steady flow of regulars and high-rollers to support it.

Nightclub receipt

Club-goers who run out on their open tabs might think it's funny but it's no joke. People don't always make rational decisions in a crowd, so it's important to be able to get paid right away.

Nightclub cocktails cheersing

When our own staff is robbing us blind it's like a punch in the gut. Even a few "harmless" free drinks establish a habit of dishonesty. Controls need to be in place to keep bartenders and servers honest.

Frustrated worker in office

The technology to make nightclub management easier is available, the question is will you actually use it? Some POS systems are harder to learn than just keeping your old ways.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful nightclub owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

Nightclub POS Nightclub POS mobile management Nightclub POS backoffice management
  • Drink recipe “cheatsheets” built right in so bartenders don’t have to search
  • A complete library of alcohol brand logos are included to make ordering even easier
  • Open credit card bar tabs and preauthorize cards – keep taking payment even if the internet drops!
  • View dashboards to see average ticket price, top sellers and more in an easy to read infographic
  • Pull sales exception reports to see who’s opening the cash drawer and issuing comps
  • Check for short cash drawers and see who was on shift to provide accountability
  • Automate promotional pricing changes, so employees don’t need permission to discount items
  • Track alcohol inventory to discourage theft and find out if you’re being ripped off!
  • Add “speed buttons” and unlimited modifiers to organize your menu for fast drink orders
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A True VIP Experience Awaits

Differentiation is an important part of keeping your dance club relevant to the local nightlife scene. The tableside features in Rezku POS let you do three key things: cocktail servers take orders while interacting with guests, drinks are sent instantly to the bar to be brought out, tableside pay lets your server open a credit card tab for a pre-authorization amount that you define and also takes all modern payment methods — even waving their cell phone over the keypad. Provide constant attendance to your VIP clients and an unprecedented level of service.

Capture Payments Easily

With Rezku POS in your nightclub, there's no reason you won't get paid for drinks. Even if you have to kick someone out, you can have them settle their bill outside with on-screen authorization. Payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay use cell phones to pay when the keypad is nearby, no card required. Opening a bar tab with just a swipe or using gift cards, you can do it all fast and securely because you're using the only cloud-based iPad POS app that's both EMV and PCI DSS compliant.

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Tools to Increase Staff Accountability

Rezku Point of Sale for nightclubs has a ton of important features to keep employees honest and limit loss. Using bar drawers, assign each bartender to their own cash drawer. Per-user permissions restrict who can remove items, cancel orders, give discounts and comps. All sales exceptions are logged in a report with the server's name. Every time "No Sale" is used to open the cash drawer it's logged in a report, and the screen turns white, so it's easy to see on security video. Timeclocks require a security verification image to ensure no one is sharing their secret PIN. The most critical security tool is inventory tracking by shot so that alcohol stock is accounted for. Perform periodic audits to find out if you're missing bottles.

Advanced Nightclub Management

As a nightclub manager, you have to know your numbers and keep meticulous track of sales, inventory, labor and product costs. This takes time, and the numbers are always changing. Rezku makes it easy to get an overview using the detailed dashboard feature. It's updated in real-time, showing you average ticket value, sales to labor ratio and more. Our POS system also generates a wide variety of reports and logs that we teach you how to use. If you need to export your data to another system like Excel or other accounting software we make that easy too.

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Rezku POS Stays Up All Night

You know that a nightclub point of sale needs to be able to keep up with the fast pace of your bar. iPad reliability is unmatched by other systems. It is the most secure and trusty computer platform on the market, without the viruses, bugs or backdoors for hackers like legacy Windows and Android tablet cash registers have.

People dancing at a nightclub

Rezku POS keeps working even when offline. Unlike other POS systems with a poorly supported offline mode or none at all, the Rezku POS serverless offline mode has no trouble if the internet goes down. You continue to make orders and take payments — even continue to use bar tabs — with no trouble.

Nightclub Owners Are Switching To Rezku POS

Rezku POS is tops in affordable reliability. By using quality, industry standard components from brands like Epson, Ingenico, Honeywell and Apple you don't have headaches caused by buying cheap or incompatible devices. The less you have to think about your POS system, the better. Rezku point of sale for nightclubs lets you focus on your guests' needs and sling those drinks fast!

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Customers' needs are also how we focus our efforts, with unlimited access, with no contract, and with US-based technical support, it's easy to reach us by phone, chat or email. We're ready to help you use all the great features of Rezku POS for yourself.

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