How To Improve Indian Restaurant Operations With a New POS

A new Indian restaurant point of sale is more than a cash register

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Do you have the same questions for your new POS?

Rezku POS Has Answers For Indian Restaurant Owners

Fast Wireless Table Payment And Credit Card Tabs

Bring payment to your customer and get faster turns and more money — keep staff from running around so they can serve more guests

You’ll Be Surprised How Affordable Rezku Is

Rezku POS uses the latest technology and is one tenth the cost of the competition — Because the price of new technology goes down and gives you more features than the old stuff.

Update Promotions And Pricing Anywhere With Remote Management

Enjoy user-friendly menu design, so you’re not frustrated and wasting your time — See for yourself how easy it is.

Infographic Dashboards Put You In The Driver’s Seat

Easy to read and available anywhere you have internet — power to make the right decisions is in your hands

Control Access To Security Permissions

Protect your Indian restaurant from staff theft of food and money with secure cash drawers, user permissions and exception reports.

Support for non-Western fonts and characters in your menu

Make sure your POS menu is easy to read with non-English text support and high-resolution food images on the buttons.

Rezku Point Of Sale Has Hundreds Of Advanced Features For Indian Restaurants

  • Table service or counter service

    Table Service or Counter Service

    We show you how to do everything with one of the most affordable hardware packages in the industry — easily save thousands right now.

  • Print orders wirelessly

    Print Orders Wirelessly to the Bar or Kitchen

    Keep servers out of the bar an on the floor — serve more guests with less staff.

  • Offline mode

    Most Advanced Offline Mode in the Industry

    Rezku keeps running with no server and no internet — even take credit payments!

Our Company Founder Is a Veteran Restaurateur, so We Understand Your Needs

  • Fast Deployment

    Fast Deployment

    Setup is virtually plug-and-play; we’re with you at every step with a proven onboarding strategy for success.

  • Print orders wirelessly

    Affordable Hardware and Software

    Get a modern iPad POS for one-tenth the price of a compara- ble point of sales system from other vendors!

  • Offline mode

    Support the Way You Want It

    Call and get a live restaurant management technology specialist, not generic support and no run-around.

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Get Your Hands on Rezku POS for Free

Download Rezku POS for free today and let our team of experts show you all the power under the hood. You'll be up and running in no time flat because we designed it that way. Start using Rezku POS in your Indian restaurant right now.

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