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Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for bistros of all sizes.

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Do You Say The Same Things?

Concerned customer

Wake up and take ahold of your financial statements now before poor recordkeeping dashes your dreams of bistro ownership.

Overworked employee

If you want to get deep into menu engineering you need a POS that helps you track food costs in your bistro.

Relying on technology

If your labor time tracking system isn’t meeting your needs or doesn’t work with your POS it’s going to cause you extra headaches.

Employees stealing

Are you losing customers because they can’t pay with their preferred payment technology?

Get Hip To Rezku POS

Leverage new point of sale technology to make your life better.

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  • Table service runs smoothly with accurate floorplans and detailed layouts
  • Product descriptions are just a tap away to answer questions for picky eaters
  • Split and merge tickets, so checkout time accommodates your guest’s preferences
  • Manage timecards and correct employee punches from your phone
  • Update the menu, make changes to prices, start and stop promotions
  • View sales and labor dashboards with detailed infographics
  • Design an order flow with unlimited modifiers to improve operations
  • Dig deep into data with smart reports that show you everything
  • Export data to your preferred accounting system or spreadsheet software
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Pull Detailed Reports And Export Spreadsheets

If you’re not a fan of bookkeeping Rezku POS helps simplify the job by giving you all the reports you need. You can even export data in a standard format into any accounting or spreadsheet application you use like Excel or Quickbooks. Stop reading and take control of your numbers.

Improve Your Margins Through Menu Engineering

With Rezku POS ingredient based costing you can see your per-plate costs change live when you receive-in goods at cost. You might decide you need to adjust your prices in the offseason when avocados go up. Rezku POS makes that easy too. With costing tools, you also get to see net sales every day without having to do the math yourself. You’ll worry less knowing what your real profits are.

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Integrated Employee Time Management Keeps It Simple

If you’re currently using two different software platforms to track sales and labor, you’re missing the grander view of your bistro business. The two metrics go hand in hand because labor is your primary cost & overstaffing is a huge mistake you don’t want to make.

Keep Up With New Payment Trends

Modern payment options like Google and Apple Pay and other digital wallets are being embraced by your target market – young, urban techies with disposable income. Since a typical POS lasts at least five years, it’s important to future-proof your business now. Additional costs of upgrades later once you’ve already lost business doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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EMV and PCI Security Is Super Serious

Cybersecurity threats are not just something you hear about in the news, they affect real people’s lives and can be devastating not only for restaurant guests but perhaps more so for restaurant owners. The potential for liability can be staggering. If you didn’t know, you could face deep fines in the tens of thousands of dollars if you’re found to be responsible for a data breach through negligence. You can even lose the privilege of taking credit payments all together!

Rezku POS Customer Support

We take cyberfraud very seriously; we know your livelihood depends on it. That’s why Rezku helps to protect your bistro customers from data fraud and ensures your sensitive data is deeply encrypted and secured. Rezku POS is the only cloud-based, restaurant point of sale for iPad that is 100% EMV and PCI compliant. PCI and EMV can be a complicated topic, but you can contact us anytime for help with your questions about the EMV standards and PCI DSS.

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Download Rezku POS and get a free 15-minute one-to-one consultation with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. We’ll be your sherpa and guide you through the journey to find the best restaurant management technology for your bustling bistro.

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