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A POS System is a pivotal purchase. You need a system that you can rely on. We have built a reliable,

robust, and affordable system that will really change the way you think about POS systems.

Bar Tabs

Swipe and preauthorize your customers' credit cards when they arrive and assign them to a tab. Give the card back to your customers lowering your liability. When the customer is done at your bar you don’t have to get the credit card again. Our POS automatically allows you to charge the credit card even if the customer leaves your bar.

Automate Inventory

Every time you make a drink our POS system can automatically remove the items used from inventory. Know exactly how much Grey Goose is being sold versus well vodka. Keep track of your inventory in real time. Know your drink costs instantly.

Your Recipes

Your drink recipes are built right into the point of sale system so your bartenders know how to make every drink and how it should be presented to the guest. Get your drinks consistent every time regardless of which bartender makes the drink.

Verify Employees

Never again have employees clock in for each other. Rezku POS takes a photo of your staff members when they clock in, preventing one employee from clocking in for another. Rezku POS is watching even when you can’t.

Lower Your Liability

Our POS system is 100% PCI and EMV compliant, lowering your fraud liability. You have enough things to worry about without worrying about stolen credit cards. Our POS will help you keep more money in your pocket.

Free the First Year

Our POS software is free the first year.† This is an unlimited license with unlimited terminals and users. This includes free menu building and setup. Why pay thousands for software when you can get an advanced, cloud-secure, iPad POS for free?

Here's The Deal

If you're ready to modernize your bar, we are here to help. Keep your bar in ship shape with Rezku POS. Know which employees are upselling. Know which employees are giving away drinks. Now you can start enjoying higher profits and spend less time pushing paper.

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Worry Free Operations

Running a bar is tricky. Speed is critical. Theft prevention is paramount. With the Rezku Bar POS system we are on your side to help you run a tighter operation while speeding up service.

Let us show you how Rezku POS can help you analyze your business efficiencies, improve happy hour profits, and maintain consistent drink pours so that you put more money in your pocket every month.

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