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Can You Relate to These Problems?


You could be losing thousands of dollars in cash each week to employee theft and not even know. Bartenders have lots of tricks to skim the house when there aren't good systems of accountability.

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Careless bartenders splashing too much can only account for some of your losses. That "friendly" bartender nipping on the job and giving away drinks is stealing from you.

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Are you thinking of closing your kitchen because it's unprofitable? Is food rotting before it sells? Are portions out of control? Are employees snacking on your inventory?

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Poor bookkeeping habits or inaccurate record keeping has serious consequences. The IRS and local agencies demand adherence to regulations and accounting, or they're prepared to shut down your bar

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful bar owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

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  • Built-in drink recipes for new bartenders
  • Use a “Speed Screen” with unlimited modifiers
  • Open bar tabs with preset credit authorization to make sure you get paid!
  • Use your phone to monitor sales from anywhere you have internet
  • Verify employee punches and make corrections if needed
  • Pull up order status for any transaction and view complete details
  • Receive in bottle inventory and track each shot to reduce theft
  • Lock down discounting off hours and automate pricing changes with preset periods
  • Protect your business — View sales exceptions, who are giving discounts why and when
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Security and Permissions Settings

Lock everything down that you need to, only give permission where you have to. Rezku is a point of sale that gives bar owners peace of mind. By providing permission options and sales exception reports you can easily manage who can do what. You can also download a record of the name of everyone who discounted or comped an order -- or who opened a drawer with "No Sale” and when. Rezku point of sale is designed to help keep your cash secure. Using the bar-drawers feature, you can assign each bartender to their own cash drawers; so there is no excuse for coming up short.

Pour Tracking and Monitoring

It's just good business sense to know the cost of each shot you sell and track it through the system from receiving to sale. This way every ounce of liquor is accounted for in the system. If stock on hand doesn't match your audit, there must be a reason. Using the inventory tracking features built into your cloud-based POS you'll know exactly what's going on at the bar even when you're not there — just pull out your phone to check the real-time updates.

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Detailed Reports and Data Exports

Rezku Back Office reports provide you with key data for your bar like net profit, happy hour sales, and even which bartenders sold what drinks on their shift. Take the stress out of taxes by using the Rezku tax report to help, showing you exactly how much you collected in taxes. Financial and labor data exports from Rezku Back Office are universally compatible with your preferred spreadsheet and accounting software, such as Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, and Google Sheets.

Ingredient Inventory and Wastage

The kitchen is sometimes an afterthought for bars that never becomes profitable. But it doesn't have to be that way. Inventory your kitchen items down to their raw ingredients to determine the cost of each one before setting the price. Track waste and theft to make your kitchen more profitable. You may be amazed at how much adding food choices to your bar can entice new customers.

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All the Features You Need, Without the BS

You may already be convinced that a modern POS system can help your bar run with more efficiency and accountability, but you're probably concerned about weighing the speed of what you know (cash register, paper, and pen) against learning a new technology that you may not trust. When you're thinking of changing to a new POS system, what's most important is if you can get help when you need it. Don't get mad, frustrated or disappointed with terrible service and a complicated system.

Rezku POS employee on phone with customer

We promise that your phone calls, chats, and emails are promptly answered by a live person, eager to help you. No scripts, no cut-and-paste answers. All of our team members understand the fast-paced restaurant and bar industry and will get you answers right away — in minutes, not hours, not days. Our point of sale has a ton of management features your bar needs to run well. The team to support you is right here Sacramento California — not some far-flung place across the globe. We're ready to show you and your staff how to use everything.

Rezku POS is FAST

Talk is cheap. When you hear someone say that a new POS system is easy to use, fast and feature rich you need to see for yourself! Take the side-by-side challenge. Load up Rezku POS and another point of sale. We think you'll find a world of difference — We built Rezku from the ground up to cut training time, speed up service and eliminate confusion.

Cocktail Rezku Bar Point of Sale Rezku Bar Point of Sale Beer

Rezku POS only shows the buttons and modifiers that apply to the specific drink you're ordering, so there is no hunting. Our customers say it’s the most user-friendly design they’ve ever used! Even novice bartenders can mix like a pro using the recipe cheat sheets built right in. You'll pick up how to use our point of sale right away. Open a tab, add drinks, hold a tab, close a tab and get paid. In just a few taps you'll be ringing up orders like a pro!

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Start Now and Get down to Business

It only takes 15 minutes to participate in a personalized demonstration from one of our responsive product experts. Start right away and get free unlimited training and support from the best POS customer service team in the industry. You can access your account from anywhere you have the internet and use the Rezku POS app on as many iPads as you'd like!

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