Ordering and Tableside Service Features


Quickly add extra options to products and provide more detailed tickets to the kitchen.

  • Forced Modifiers — No more incomplete orders confusing the cooks. Reduce the amount of food sent back. No more "I forgot to ask."
  • Unforced Modifiers — Give your guests more choices and improve communication between the front and back of the house.
  • Modifier Options — Another level of flexibility and control — modifiers for modifiers. Whoa!
Rezku POS product modal
Rezku POS product modal

Floor Plans

Build an accurate representation of your restaurant with our help!

Rezku POS floor
  • Tableside Service — We'll show you just how easy it is to take orders with a handheld tablet. Improve customer experience and get more table seatings per service.
  • Table Management — Switch between tables on the map with a tap. No sweat when juggling multiple parties' tables.

Easy, Fast Ordering

Well organized and visual menus eliminate hunting. Reduce training time, reduce mistakes, speed up service and increase customer satisfaction.

  • High Resolution, Detailed Images — Ordering by image can't be easier. With a pinch open a full-screen detailed image of the food to show your guest.
  • Recipes and Descriptions — Take out all the guesswork. Document ingredient amounts for portion control. Give servers a complete description of the items in the menu. They can even use it as a script when presenting their guests with choices.

Advanced Ticket Management

Rezku POS helps you manage tickets no matter the situation; you're covered.

Split tickets

Split Tickets — Split an order as you like. Split cash and credit, split by amount, by item or by seat. Share items between splits. Even split a split!

Automated gratuity

Automated Gratuity — Use party size to trigger an automated gratuity percentage to be applied to large parties.

Merge tickets

Merge Tickets -Take two separate orders and combine them into one check. Easily combine a customer's bar tab with his table order.


Party Count — Track the number of covers you serve through the day and the average sale per cover.


Seats — Ordering by seat is automatic when using table service. But you can add seats to any order. Split checks by seat in one tap!

Five service types

5 Service Types — Order by table, takeout, dine-in, delivery or bar. Detailed sales reports include sales broken down by service to help you understand your sales dynamic.

Orders Print to Kitchen/Bar

Clean, large print and easy to read. Sturdy commercial printers take the confusion out of the kitchen with uniform tickets.

Employee printing receipt in kitchen
  • Notes to the Kitchen — Keep servers out of the kitchen! Add notes if additional information is needed. For "extra crispy," etc., just add a note, and it is added like a modifier when the order prints.
  • Custom Products — If it's not on the menu, no problem. Create products on the fly with a custom price. Choose to print the order to the kitchen or bar and apply taxes.

Interested in learning more about Rezku POS's payment options for guests? Take a look at our Secure Payment Features.