How to Choose the Best POS System

POS systems are flexible and make it easy to streamline your business and increase efficiency. They can take payments easily and also have powerful tools to help your business thrive. These include customer and staff management, inventory and stock, maintenance, and even analytics.

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Choosing the best POS can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. Following, we've highlighted some features that are available through POS developers.

First, you can build and edit menus, and you should also be able to customize your menu(s). Easily teach your staff how to operate your system with photographs of the items for sale. A simple touch and your customer's bill is calculated automatically. Customized floor plans are a nice feature; even if you're a small bistro, floor configuration can change or you may get new furniture. Easily store and create specific floor plans for your eatery. Cloud technology lets you stay connected in real time with cloud storage. No need to house a computer server anymore because all your info is secured and accessible anywhere.

Staff management is another huge positive in POS development so make sure yours includes it. Features can have time clock management, or viewing labor costs versus sales, which can result in increased profitability.Customizable receipts are included with most systems; add a message or even a promotional offer that's different every day. Get automated reports you can hand to your accountant, with detailed summaries for no hassle accounting. Set a schedule and get them emailed automatically as often as you need. With a downloadable software you can have as many iPad consoles as you'd like. Have your staff take orders directly from the table, and as soon as they input an order into the system it is expedited to the kitchen. Customize buttons to control the look and feel of your POS. Add photos or items to improve accuracy in your orders. Look for speedy checkout with just a touch and a swipe, with a no hassle system that's easy to use. 86 controls in a POS allow you to block previously sold items so there is no confusion on what's available at the time; this helps prevent walk backs and order delays. This feature reduces communication errors due to forced or unforced modifications, and updates all consoles at once. Create permission levels to avoid friend meal comping, and require a manager to issue refunds and override orders. Check for features that set up timed promotions. You can run daily specials, or happy hour specials, and set them up to recur in the system automatically. Check splitting should be available on most POS systems, but if not, don't bother with that system, as it is a really important feature for customer service.

There are many more features available in POS systems, but these are some of the more prominent ones you should know about. When selecting a provider consider customer service, as you will definitely need to call on them from time to time. Consider the cost. Many systems are affordable and provide all the features listed in this article. Equip your staff with POS devices that allow them to take tableside orders that send information via Bluetooth to the kitchen. If you organize your layout table by table, you can see at a glance who is responsible for which section. Keep track of shifts and employee timekeeping with innovative features included in many POS systems. If you have a retail store, you may need a POS that manages inventory and syncs between devices to keep everyone up to date. Look for email receipt options, onscreen signing, and matrix product data, which would allow you to add the same product in a number of sizes and colors.

All this and more is available through POS systems. Take a look at the POS system we recommend:


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