How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign for your Restaurant?

Word of mouth is considered as one of the most effective medium of advertising. The theory is also proven by different research, e.g. a research by NRA shows that 4 out of 5 people make their purchasing decisions based on suggestions from friends and family. When it comes to restaurants, the word of mouth marketing technique becomes even more essential because most people would go on the recommendations of food from their trusted family, friends, and acquaintances.

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A restaurant owner described word of mouth as an effective way of marketing because he believes that when a customer is taken care of properly at a restaurant, he is persuaded to leave a complimentary review which attracts more customers and that is one of the best ways to market a restaurant.

If you want to know you can employ word of mouth and e-word of mouth to increase your return on investment and improve profitability of your restaurant, then please read below:

Ask for Customer Feedback

When you wish to increase the number of customers to your restaurant, an essential technique that you need to use is gathering feedback from your customers. The feedback will not only help you improve your services, but it will also give you an insight into which mediums of marketing would prove to be effective for you.

Let us take a simple example, if a customer visits your restaurant and you ask them the following questions:

  • How did you come to know about our restaurant?
  • How did they like the food?
  • How did they like the environment?
  • Would they recommend the restaurant to their friends and family? If yes, how? If no, why and what could you improve?

Gathering information with above questions will help you gain an insight into how popular your restaurant is and which mediums they are popular on. Then you can use those mediums to promote your restaurant more. Moreover, it will also help you find the weak points in your restaurant and improve upon them.

Examine your Service and your Marketing

To market, you need outlets for marketing and service to market. To successfully market your primary need is to analyze your strong points. For example, one way you could that is by analyzing what is the most popular dish of your restaurant and then market it as your specialty. It is important for restaurant owners to understand that food business is a very saturated business and there might be ten other restaurants in your area who are offering the same service. The question that you need to ask yourself is how can you gain competitive edge over the other restaurants? Once you decided on a specialty and figured out or created a strong and unique point of marketing, your restaurant then should have opened the door to endless possibilities for yourself.

Find/Create your Unique Point

If you think that your restaurant has the same dishes and ambiance as every other restaurant, then you need to add more programs. It is important to remember that consumers in contemporary environment are highly information oriented and are looking for services which add value to their experience. So, if you add more programs e.g., an effective way to attract customers, provide them with the detailed information of the food they are eating i.e. origin of the food, ingredients used, number of calories and health benefits of the dish they are eating.

If you provide customers with such information, they are very likely to be attracted towards eating your restaurant or at least trying it once because you will be a restaurant that is providing them with valuable information about the food they are eating and is persuading them to be health conscious or least be knowledgeable about they are doing.

Market your Unique Point

Once you have figured out or created a unique marketing point for yourself, then it is time to go viral with it. Your focus should be to spread the word to as many people as you can through your marketing campaign. Both mediums of offline and online marketing should be used to deliver your message. Although we are promoting the idea of finding a unique selling point and then promoting It, but it is important to remember that your unique selling points should be aligned with the theme of your restaurant and what you are promoting. If you are selling burgers and fries that are somehow low on calories, your unique selling is that your burgers and fries are healthy, conscious people.

The point to remember is to start and deliver an excellent marketing campaign, your message should be aligned with your themes and goals So, depending on your unique selling point, and your theme to create a revenue generating marketing campaign, you need to analyze the following:

  • What is my unique selling point?
  • What is the goal of my marketing campaign?
  • Who is my target market?
  • Which mediums of marketing can I use to deliver the message to my target market?
  • Is my marketing campaign aligned with the message my target market would like to hear?

Based on your target market and your message, the above questions might not be enough. You need to conduct an in-depth market research to analyze what areas you can cover and how your marketing campaign can be effective.

The point of market research and analysis is to build a campaign which delivers a specific theme aligned message and covers all aspects of a good marketing campaign. Therefore it is important for you to analyze what your existing customers like about you, how you can create a unique selling point, whether or not the selling point is aligned with your theme, your target market and the effective mediums of marketing to reach your target market.


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