The Rezku Difference

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Shouldn’t your restaurant POS be a restaurant POS?

Rezku is a different kind of company. The brainchild of an accomplished restaurateur, Rezku is committed to making you more. We do this by creating tools to make your life easier and increase profitability of your restaurant.


It starts by, intelligently designing every part of our systems to work the way they’re supposed to. Even though it takes more time and effort to do things right, the Rezku way is to get it right the first time.

And keep getting it right.

That’s our commitment to bringing quality and value, as a partner to restaurant owners. Our customers appreciate it.


Because we are a restaurant business, everything we do makes sense for restaurants.

We design our systems with your busy workflow in mind. We know the importance of the “little” things, that are actually a big deal.

  • A clear display that’s easy to read in a rush.
  • An interface that’s fast and easy to use. It only takes a few taps to get what you want done.
  • Simple, reliable hardware with smart networking, to eliminate down time.
  • Easy to understand, value-pricing. Our customers save money and know they’re getting a great deal.


Based in Sacramento California, we all work in the same office, and share a culture of service excellence. This ensures a high level of accountability and knowledge-sharing between departments. We really get to know each of our customers and their unique business needs.

“Only the best” is the Rezku way.


When a company values your business, providing you with assistance, advice, service and technology is a pleasure. From our founder, to our programmers, designers, sales and front line support, our commitment to our customers is an all-encompassing goal that drives us.

That’s the Rezku difference.

Call or chat today, and find out for yourself why our customers are so happy!


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