How to Enable Guided Access on iPad Download PDF

● Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap General.

Tap Accessibility

ipad demonstration of where to find accessibility settings

● Scroll down to the Learning section and tap Guided Access.

ipad demonstration of where to find guided access settings

Tap the switch to turn on Guided Access.

turning on guided access for ipad

Tap Passcode Settings.

Tap Set Guided Access Passcode and set a passcode.

set a passcode for guided access

Toggle Accessibility Shortcut to On, which allows you to triple-click the Home button and enter Guided Access at any time.

How To Use Guided Access

ipad launch guided accesss




● Launch the Rezku POS app.

Triple-click the Home button to launch Guided Access.

Tap on Start at the top of the screen to begin Guided Access.


Exit Guided Access

exiting guided access with a passcode




Triple Click the Home Button

Enter Passcode


Tap End at the top of the screen to end Guided Access

ending guided access for ipad rezku pos