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Our knowledge base is full of topics that will help you with any problems you may encounter with the Rezku Point of Sale System.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic Troubleshooting

How to reset card reader

  • iDynamo — No reset
  • iCMP — Hold the power-on button on the side down until it beeps
  • iPP350 — Hold down the YELLOW button and the # Button together until it beeps

How to restart Rezku POS iPad App

  • Double-Press the HOME button on the iPad and swipe away the Rezku POS app

Back Office web browser requirements

  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome on all devices. Download Chrome

How to reboot Rezku router

  • Turn off the power or unplug for 1 minute. It will take approximately 3-5 minutes to reboot and come back online. You may need to reboot printers or card readers as well.

Questions About Payments

How to refund cash

  • From the Ticket List tap the order
  • On the bottom left, tap Transactions
  • Tap the Gold button that says Refund
  • The cash drawer will open

How to refund credit cards

  • From the Ticket List tap the order
  • On the bottom left, tap Transactions
  • Tap the Gold button that says Refund
  • The customers credit card will be refunded
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How to split payment types

  • To split payment types in Checkout choose Easy Split. Enter the amount the customer wants to pay with the first payment type and complete the transaction. Pay the remaining split with the second payment type and complete the transaction.

Questions About Managing Staff

How to manage cash drawers

  • Regular Cash Drawers — One physical cash drawer used with one tablet. Multiple or single users.
  • Per-User Cash Drawers — Servers "work out of their pockets" without a physical cash drawer.
  • Bar Drawers — One tablet with two physical cash drawers, so each user's cash is kept separate.
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How to correct employee time cards

  • In Back Office click on Time Cards.
  • To edit an existing "punch" click the small pencil (edit) icon next to the entry line.
  • To add a new shift entry click the + Time Card button, choose the employee name, shift starting time and shift ending time.
  • After editing or adding an entry, click Save.
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How to add new employees

  • In Back Office click on Manage Users
  • Type in the employee's name
  • Select their permission level (Employee, Manager, Owner)
  • Set pay rate
  • Enter swipe card ID (Optional)
  • Click Save to enter secret PIN number
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Questions About iPad

How to restart iPad

  • Hold down the lock screen key on the side edge of the iPad until the "Swipe to turn off" message appears.

How to restrict access

  • To restrict employees from closing Rezku POS on the iPad enable Guided Access

How to check Wi-Fi

  • Press the iPad HOME button to return to the iPad's home screen.
  • Tap the iPad settings icon (silver and looks like gears).
  • Tap Wi-Fi on the left and make sure it's turned on.
  • Make sure it's connected to the right wireless network.
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