Rezku POS For Wineries - An Elegant Solution

A simple tasting room point of sale that works

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Spilling wine while pouring

It’s nice to have higher than average per-cover sales than other concepts but if you have to eat the cost on a couple expensive bottles because your credit card reader won’t work you may be going from Beaufort to packaged Ramen pretty soon.

Someone pouring wine for another

You may be dreading having to learn a new system. Computers may not be your forte. Your fear is valid because most point of sale systems are complicated and frustrating.

People ordering wine from a menu

If you're found at fault for not protecting sensitive payment data, you can be held liable for damages, fines and lose the right to process credit cards in the future.

Owner looking a laptop doing busy work

Are you overwhelmed keeping track of sales, inventory, labor, taxes and everything else on your own? You know technology promises to help, but you're afraid it will be even more of a hassle.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful winery owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

Winery POS Winery POS mobile management Winery POS backoffice management
  • Nothing says simple elegance like going completely wireless and mobile with your POS
  • Payment options galore so your customers always have a way to pay, open a tab, use a card, or tap to pay
  • Your floorplan is integrated, so customers in the lounge always get the right drinks
  • Up to the moment data because it’s secure in the cloud — access anywhere you have internet
  • View sales by employee and find out who your sales leaders are
  • See average ticket value and best wines on your list to better target your client’s tastes
  • Color-code your menu with a million color choices you can color your menu to match your wines to aid memorization
  • Export data for taxes and bookkeeping to keep things simple
  • View sales by product so you know the popular wines and what needs to be ordered again
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POS Reliability is Key To Tasting Room Profitability

To keep your tasting room moving and making money you need a point of sale you can count on to make it through service.

A winery point of sale that is:

  • Stable and secure — iPad is thmost dependable computing platform with a reputation for bulletproof, virus-free use year over year.
  • Works, even without internet — Rezku POS also has the most advanced serverless offline mode. That means you can keep sending orders, print receipts and even run credit cards, without an internet connection.
  • Intuitive and error free — Glitching, crashing, hanging and loss of data can set you back miles. Rezku POS is stable, easy to use and provides free automatic updates.

The Easiest To Use POS

Pick it up. It just makes sense. People who use our POS app for the first time are amazed at how intuitive it is. Without training, most people can figure out how to do everything from adding seats to orders to creating custom notes. And if there's something you're not sure about, our customer support team has got to be the absolute easiest to reach. Just give us a call, chat or email and talk to a real live person located in the Rezku headquarters, right away.

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Top-Level Data Security

In this era of cyber crimes and data breaches, wineries could be prime targets for criminals who want to steal credit cards with high limits and make big purchases fraudulently.

That’s why Rezku takes data security very seriously. Our point of sale system for wineries is the only cloud-based iPad POS that is both PCI and EMV compliant. These are the highest standards of security offered by the credit card issuers and it means greater protection for you.

Assure your clients that their sensitive payment data is secured with E2E encryption, secure private data connections and card-number tokenization.

Tasting Room Management

Rezku POS is designed to help managers of wine bars stay organized and get more done. Take a look at the extensive capabilities of Rezku's Back Office: detailed sales reports, timeclocks and labor tracking, inventory management and more. And the part that winery owners love about it the most? That you can do it all from virtually anywhere. Just use your phone, tablet or any internet connected computer to pull live updates and publish real-time changes.

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A Winning Point of Sale For Tasting Rooms

If your patrons gather in a seating area or you offer table service as part of your guest experience, Rezku POS makes it easy to serve them tableside with a built-in custom floor plan, open a tab, split by seat or merge orders, all while chatting with your patrons.

People dining at table

The advantage of iPad and Bluetooth technology is the option of going completely wireless with your system, so you can keep technology from being intrusive and spend more time directly interacting. You can see who your superstar wine sellers are by pulling a sales per user report. This lets you efficiently run promotional contests among staff for sales bonuses or to arrange for additional up-sales mentoring.

Putting Customers First

We know that the service industry is all about anticipating the needs of your customers and rewarding loyalty. That's why our wine bar management app also has built-in features to help you connect more with your guests. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool for keeping track of and encouraging repeat business. Start a wine club and make your fans feel special with insiders-only email updates, advanced pick and special access to limited bottles. Rezku POS also has gift cards, the perfect way to give the gift of wine while making the choice of which one to get an adventure!

Rezku Winery POS Rezku Winery POS Wine Bottle

Customers' needs are also how we focus our efforts, with unlimited access with no contract to US-based technical support, it's easy to reach us by phone, chat or email. We're ready to help you use all the great features of Rezku POS for yourself.

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Rezku POS For Wineries Free Demo

Get free access to Rezku POS to try it for yourself. Unlimited support and training is included with Rezku POS for free! Our goal is to help your winery be super successful.

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