POS Solutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for restaurants of all sizes.

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Fast food workers behind a counter

Big franchise chains dominate the quick service sector with national advertising, brand recognition, technology, and bulk- ingredient buying power. You need new tools to help you run a smooth operation and do more with your limited resources.


Controlling food costs is key to a successful quick service restaurant concept so that you can attract people with the food they want but still make enough money to keep the doors open.

Chefs preparing plate

Business comes in waves. It's important to know these patterns so you can schedule efficiently. Big chains use sales data to track the flow of customers and so should you.

Women using Rezku iPad POS

Technology has become so much smaller, lighter, cheaper and is more capable than ever. Now you can do more with reporting, tracking and management tools too. You can run a fully functional restaurant management app on iPad and re-do your whole restaurant with brand new equipment for a budget so small you couldn't imagine a few years ago.

An affordable point of sale ideal for counter service

Rezku POS is packed with great tools especially for quick-service restaurants

Quick Service POS Quick Service POS mobile management Quick Service POS backoffice management
  • High-resolution color menu images make ordering fast and easy
  • Forced modifiers mean the kitchen always gets a complete and accurate order
  • Offline Mode keeps you going even without internet — even credit card payments!
  • Get all sales data from anywhere you have internet
  • Audit timecards from your mobile phone to maintain employee compliance
  • View sales exceptions to see who’s giving discounts and opening the cash drawer
  • Export data to spreadsheets and make bookkeeping easy
  • Track food costs and monitor net sales to get a better idea of profits
  • Simple menu design system is easy to update and modify
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Manage On The Go

One of our restaurant owners' favorite features is the extra bit freedom Rezku POS gives them. You can manage everything remotely because our system is cloud-based. Unlike old point of sale systems, you don't have to log into a terminal to access advanced functions. Any internet connected device can be used to change settings, pull reports, view orders and more. Imagine the freedom of checking labor and sales on your phone while at a baseball game or on a hike. It's a constant fight to do more with less, but now it can be a little easier.

Control Food Costs

Our quick-service restaurant management app helps you track stock levels and monitor waste. Whenever an order is rung up on the POS, it live-updates the in-stock amount of your ingredient inventory. Audit inventory to figure out why food (and your money) is being thrown away — is too much being delivered? Are tickets made incorrectly? Are people taking food without paying for it or giving unauthorized discounts? Rezku POS also helps restaurants with menu engineering. When you put in all the ingredients, you can see the per unit cost of a menu item and decide what the right price should be to maintain margins.

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Integrated Labor Management In Your QSR Point Of Sale

Tight control of labor costs is a necessary goal for successful quick service restaurants. The challenge is scheduling the right number of people for a smooth service, but Rezku POS helps make it easier.

  • Use Smart Reports to track sales through the day and week to anticipate service volume and avoid over and under staffing
  • Track employees shifts, pay and hours live through Back Office
  • Correct punches and export reports straight to ADP payroll through integration.
  • Watch the Labor Dashboard for live updates of labor costs, total sales and sales per employee
  • And you can do it all on your phone, tablet or computer at home!

Reduce the cost of multiple software licenses. Rezku is a point of sale and labor management app for busy QSR owners.

Advanced, Affordable Point of Sale For QSR

It's a new era of amazing technology. With iPads now on sale for less than $400, you can get the capabilities of a very fast computer with all-day battery life, secure encrypted data, the latest wireless and Bluetooth technology and the Rezku POS app. There are lots of reasons to want an iPad point of sale for your restaurant when you consider how capable and secure it is. But affordability is the best reason to upgrade your restaurant now to Rezku point of sale for quick service restaurants.

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Fast-Casual Restaurants Love Rezku POS Because It's Quick and Easy to Use

Restaurateur smiling

New employee onboarding is a resource-intense process. It takes valuable time for both management and staff to commit to training, and quick service restaurants have to deal with the unfortunate reality of rapid turn-over. Try Rezku POS side by side with any other quick- service point of sale system and see the difference for yourself. Our intuitively designed interface is flexible and configurable to fit your restaurant's order flow. Save time and confusion in the kitchen using forced modifiers that cover the screen and must be picked for the order to get made.

An Offline Mode You Can Rely On

If you’re afraid the reliance on modern technology will set you back if you lose internet connectivity we understand. You have the potential to lose thousands of dollars if your point of sale “goes dark” on you. That’s why we designed Rezku POS with a revolutionary offline mode.

Rezku Food Truck POS Rezku Food Truck POS French Fries

Rezku's offline mode is seamless so you don’t have to worry in the middle of service. You may not even notice you're offline because everything still works. You can take credit card payments, make new orders, open and close orders, print receipts — everything you're used to. Your restaurant's data syncs automatically and error-free within minutes to our secure cloud when it's back online.

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We like fast too.

It only takes 15 minutes to participate in a personalized demonstration from one of our responsive product experts. Start right away and get free unlimited training and support from the best POS customer service team in the industry. You can access your account from anywhere you have the internet and use the Rezku POS app on as many iPads as you'd like!

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