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Rezku Night Club POS

Treat your VIP's like kings and queens. Rezku Night Club POS allows you to do tableside ordering with iPad minis. Grab credit card information prior to service and allow your guests to receive a detailed receipt emailed directly to them. Streamline the ordering process with Rezku POS.

The Rezku Night Club POS system will allow you to provide a VIP experience to your guests. With the Rezku Night Club POS system you will be able to provide table-side ordering and manage complex service requests effortlessly.

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    Give your VIP’s a higher level of service. No more running back and forth to ring up orders. Modernize your night club's operations. Now your bottle servers can ring up orders on an iPad mini.


    With Rezku Night Club POS you can keep track of your employee costs like never before. Track every employee's time with photo verification and and hour by hour labor reports. Now tracking profitability is easier then ever.


    Don’t guess, know instantly who your super star servers are. See who is comping drinks and who sells the most. With Rezku Night Club POS you are never guessing.


    You don’t have time to stop and run reports. That's why Rezku Night Club POS has a built in Quick Dash that gives you real-time data in an easy to read dash board. Track sales by item, by time of sale or by employee from any device, anywhere.

Know Your Green

Running a night club may be fun but the best part is the green. With Rezku Night Club POS System you can keep track of the green like never before. Rezku POS has detailed till management, a built in real-time dashboard and numerous reports so you can always keep track of your green.

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"The best POS I've ever used."

-Jess Melbourne, Jr.

How Rezku Night Club POS Is Different

Rezku is the most affordable full-featured iPad Night Club POS software on the market. Starting at only $24/month.

No extra fees for remote training, set up, or priority tech support. Unlimited support services available with your subscription.

Guaranteed the lowest integrated credit card processing cost available - plus we don't charge you any per transaction gateway fees.

Low cost POS hardware financing. 100% financing available, quick approval. We can ship everything you need today. (OAC)

Valuable insights into your business, menu and staff that allow you to take action to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, saving you money.

Industry-Leading Support

Our support team is dedicated to serving your needs 7 days a week. We provide our restaurant partners with unlimited remote training and support. We don’t just tell you how to fix a problem or change a setting; we are happy to do it for you. Our support team works in the Rezku offices and not offshore or in a remote location somewhere in the boondocks. You can contact us via online chat, email or by phone.


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