iPad Is the Best POS Choice for Restaurants

The iPad marks an important leap forward in computer technology and its importance in business, aviation, medicine and law enforcement can't be understated. When it comes to your restaurant and what you depend on, you need it to work as hard as you do.

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If Your POS Isn't iPad Based, It's A Liability

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iPad is Virus Free

iOS is also the most secure operating system. There is no way for a virus to spread on an iPad and malware can only be installed by external means. Every app in the App Store must be fully vetted by Apple to be guaranteed virus free.

iPad Is Error Free

Apple's high standards for their tablet is clear. iOS is the most feature rich, secure and stable computer operating system ever. iOS runs iPad, just like the iPhone — the world's best selling smartphone. That's a lot of people depending on their iOS devices every day.

iPad Is Better Hardware

Apple leads in innovation — shrinking powerful components down to paper-thin proportions. Unlike Android tablets that are pieced together from different manufacturers every generation of iPad is engineered as a whole. The quality of the chips are better, and updates come out on a regular basis. Android tablets are notoriously slow to receive even crucial updates.

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In an environment where you depend on technology to perform reliably, day in and day out, you need peace of mind. You can't get that with a Windows or Android POS system because they're simply not up to the task. If your point of sale depends on a computer system that's not iPad, frankly it's a liability. That's why Rezku POS is designed for iPad.

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An Affordable Asset

iPad is incredibly affordable. Right now you can buy a brand new iPad for less than $350. As an investment in your business, it's a steal. iPads retain their value longer than similarly priced devices from other manufacturers because an iPad is an asset, just like other equipment in your restaurant. It's not a commodity like a cheap PC or throwaway tablet.

Rezku POS Is Designed Specifically For iPad

Rezku iPad Point of Sale

A Commitment to Higher Standards

Apple holds iPad apps to a higher development standard. They must be free from viruses, security holes, and major glitches. On the other hand anyone can make a Windows or Android POS app and put it on the market. And you can tell, because of the infinite number of poorly designed point of sale apps that are not iPad based. Only apps approved by Apple make it to the App Store.

Advanced Integration With iPad Technology

The Rezku POS app is built to take full advantage of the iPad's advanced technology. iPad has robust and stable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which Rezku POS takes full advantage of with wireless network connectivity, printers, and card readers. iPad comes in many sizes, and Rezku POS looks excellent on each one, from the 7-inch mini that's perfect for tableside ordering to the sizeable 12-inch pro version that makes an ideal bar POS that lets you fit more buttons on your speed menu.

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Utilization of iPad Security and Encryption

Data security and the protection of payment information for your guests is an obligation all merchants are held to under the PCI DSS standard. Failure to do so opens you up to hefty fines and fees. Rezku POS makes this easy to manage by integrating with iPad's security features. All Rezku POS data is stored encrypted on the iPad, and all information is transmitted to the cloud over a secure SSL encrypted channel.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of customer satisfaction and service and take a lot of pride in Rezku POS. We designed this system to be the best restaurant POS system ever, so it is only natural that we made the Rezku POS app on iPad, the best restaurant POS platform.

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More Uptime and Less Worries

iPad and Rezku together is a strong team keeping your restaurant in business at all times.

The Quality Build of iPad - You don't have to worry about hardware failure.

The Stable iOS Operating System - No viruses or hackers taking you down.

The Well-Designed Rezku POS App - Not worrying about glitching, crashing or data loss.

Rezku POS' Seamless Offline Mode - No problem taking offline credit payments, making orders and printing receipts.

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