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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Person holding ice cream cup

You know that point of sale technology is the best it's ever been, but who cares if it just causes you more confusion, more hassles and makes training harder?

Ice cream in cup

Young and inexperienced workers may not see giving away free product or swiping "a few bucks" from the till as a big deal but it is. Employee theft can cost you hundreds of dollars a month if left unchecked.

Customer holding ice cream on street

You need to bring in new customers and get old ones to come back. But running promos should be strategic plans to promote engagement, not "spray and pray."

Working on a computer

When it comes to taxes it’s the monster you don’t feed that grows out of hand. Your books get worse the more you neglect them so finding a good method is critical.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful ice cream parlor owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

Ice Cream and Yogurt Parlor POS Ice Cream and Yogurt Parlor POS mobile management Ice Cream and Yogurt Parlor POS backoffice management
  • Scale support for pricing yogurt and ice cream by weight, a popular choice
  • So easy to learn you’ll be using it in minutes, not hours
  • Integrated labor management system lets employees clock in and out using the POS
  • Manage from anywhere — the full Back Office suite of cloud-based management tools are at your fingertips
  • Correct timecards and ensure employees are compliant with shift and labor requirements
  • Check sales on the easy to read dashboard infographic to stay informed about your shop’s performance in real time!
  • Add high-definition color images to the menu to really show off your products
  • Unlimited modifiers means each unique creation can be rung up in the POS
  • Smart reporting lets you view data by hour, by day, by week, month, quarter or year
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Lightning Fast Yogurt Shop POS!

Imagine your point of sale is so easy to learn that you and your staff are using it within a few minutes.

Rezku POS is fast so it saves you money

  • Fast to train new employees
  • Fast to use during a summer rush
  • Fast to manage with dashboard infographics
  • Fast to install and update for free

With an intuitive touchscreen interface running on iPad, Rezku Point Of Sale for ice cream parlors is as easy to use as a smartphone.

Counter service or table service it’s all at your fingertips — and we teach you how to use everything with our award winning customer service and unlimited support.

Security and Accountability

Tools for managers to control staff activity increase accountability and discourage theft. Rezku for yogurt shops includes POS security and permissions features necessary to maintain profits and peace of mind. Only authorized users can make discounts and open cash drawers, and security images are captured when clocking in and out. Rezku POS also has inventory management tools to track losses and more. Without these tools, you can't know how much is being dug out from under you.

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Get More Repeat Business

Visits to the ice cream shop can become a weekly tradition for families, sports teams and other social groups — once you entice them to develop the habit.

It's essential to attract guests to your location before the competition snags them.

Rezku has the tools to run effective ice cream parlor promotions.

  • Automated timed pricing that lets you set daily specials
  • Gift cards ensure repeat customers and help boost sales during cold months
  • Create a branded membership club with loyalty rewards
  • Use CRM to keep in touch with your customers through direct advertising
  • Monitor your marketing strategy ROI, detailed sales and discount reports

Detailed Reports and Data Exports

Rezku POS takes reporting seriously. Daily, monthly and weekly sales reports are at your fingertips, showing how much to pay for each type of tax you're subject to. And you can export data easily to your preferred accounting software to help you keep better track of your numbers, and get costs under control. If you don't use ingredient level product costing, it's difficult to know profits and losses. The big chains all have this figured out and use their software to know down to the half-cent how much profit is made from each scoop they sling. With Rezku POS your local yogurt or ice cream shop can have the same kind of restaurant management tools that help franchisees stay profitable.

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The Best POS Hardware

Part of our commitment to making ice cream and yogurt shop owners smile every day is the choice of reliable, affordable and capable hardware.

Rezku Point of Sale is iPad based — the most up to date computer and wireless technology, built into a streamlined package for business and more. Windows has hundreds of known security issues; Android has over a thousand. iPad has one.

Rezku also has additional accessories that ice cream parlors need. If your location doubles as an old-time candy store or you sell other packaged retail items, you'll love using our Honeywell USB barcode scanner to quickly add products to the order. An essential accessory for yogurt shops is our heavy duty Brecknell scale for those locations that sell delicious bowls of yogurt by weight.

A POS That Ice Cream Shop Owners Can Warm Up To

It's true; an affordable iPad POS app can have all the features you need and more. We help you learn new and more efficient ways to do things. Unlike other POS companies, the team at Rezku POS doesn't just want to get off the phone or put a band-aid on the problem.

Rezku Ice Cream POS Rezku Ice Cream POS Ice Cream Sundae

We find out the "why" behind the questions and actively listen. Likewise, our product specialists also care about advising you on the best hardware and software configuration by understanding your goals and budget. We take joy in providing individualized service that suits your way of doing business.

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Sign Up Now, Try Before You Buy

We can't wait to show you all the things you can do in your ice cream or yogurt shop with Rezku POS. Just 15 minutes and we'll show you all the ins-and-outs. Get the play-by-play the way you'd actually use it in your shop to see how it works for you. Just download the Rezku POS app now and start for free.

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