The Food Truck POS System
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Capterra gives Rezku Pos 5 star rating – Best rated Food Truck POS
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Food Truck POS System

Here’s the deal

Buying a POS system is more than purchasing hardware and software. You need to find a company that understands your business and will be there when you need them. That is the Rezku POS Promise. And we're here to prove it upfront.



    Don't Pay Us For One Year

    You heard it right. We will build your menus, provide ongoing unlimited live phone support, remotely train your staff all and provide our POS software absolutely free for one year. This is an unlimited license with unlimited terminals and users. If you love us after one year our monthly subscription charge is one of the lowest in the industry. †



    Great, Intuitive Software

    We promise that our POS software is easier to use than a cell phone. Developed from the experience restauranteur to make things easier then ever. Our POS software is thoughtful and uniquely designed for any food service business ranging from a little ice-cream shop to a full service restaurant.


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    Old Fashioned Support

    Remember when great support meant a live person answering the phone and solving the problem? At Rezku POS we promise to do just that. We use only in-house live support with the skill and authority to solve problems. We are so confident in our best in class support that we ask you to take this challenge.


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    We Guarantee Savings

    We promise to not only lower your cost of buying a POS, but also to save you money on your credit card processing. Our POS comes with industry leading EMV and PCI compliant credit card processing that will lower you chargeback liability. We guarantee to meet or beat your current credit card processing rates. If we can’t, we give you $250 for your troubles, no question asked. ‡



    We Make It Easy To Switch

    We promise to help you switch to us. We will build your menus, retrain your staff and guide you through the transition. Most likely you can use your current printers, cash drawers and iPad terminals. We don't require you to buy all new equipment from us.



    Industry Leading Offline Mode

    We promise to deliver an industry leading offline mode. Offline mode lets you use all terminals when the internet goes down. Use our POS without an internet connection for up to three days, swipe credit cards and continue your business. When an internet connection is reestablished your transactions will automatically be sent to the processor.

The Rezku food truck POS system is uniquely designed to help you run a smoother business on the go. The Rezku iPad-based food truck POS system works with 4G iPads and bluetooth printers. Our iPad POS system allows you to take all types of payments and better manage your food truck operations.

Keep 'Em Rolling

Rezku Food Truck POS is engineered so that you can better handle your food truck patrons. Change menu items quickly on the fly. Ring up orders instantly and allow your customers to pay quickly.


    Add new menu items in a snap. Ring up sales in seconds. Rezku Food Truck POS understands that time is money. Our intuitive interface keeps you moving.


    With Rezku Food Truck POS keeping track of taxes is simple and easy. Fill out tax forms in minutes. Our detailed reporting help you pay the taxes you owe without the headaches.


    Know immediately if you are making money. See wage and salary employee cost on a daily or even hourly basis. Plus we have built in SMS overtime alerts and employee photo verification.


    Don’t wait to run a report. With Rezku Food Truck POS you know immediately your sales breakdowns by hour, employee costs and so much more in a snap.

Measure Once

See all your food truck's sales statistics on one easy to read dashboard. See each employee's sales, stats and history in a snap. See your peak times. Track sales trends and run your food truck operations with better data.

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"The best POS I've ever used."

-Jess Melbourne, Jr.

Industry-Leading Support

Our support team is dedicated to serving your needs 7 days a week. We provide our restaurant partners with unlimited remote training and support. We don’t just tell you how to fix a problem or change a setting; we are happy to do it for you. Our support team works in the Rezku offices and not offshore or in a remote location somewhere in the boondocks. You can contact us via online chat, email or by phone.


Restaurants love us

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We are committed to helping restaurants run a smoother operation and deliver a better service. Our goal is to reduce your overall cost and have a noticeable superior customer experience. Please fill out the form to the right and a representative will be contacting you shortly.

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