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Rezku POS is the reliable all-in-one point of sale solution

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Do You Find Yourself Saying Things Like These?

Rezku POS iPad Rezku POS offline mode Womxn using an ipad

You have two choices — Chasing bars and being limited to places with internet access, or only taking cash and losing out on half your sales.

Ipad Available balance Two food truck runners

It's like driving around blind hoping to catch a break. Every time you move it costs gas. And drive-time is the opposite of sales-time.

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Restaurant shopping list

It's so hard to manage stock in a small space; you need to know the right things to bring out to each location, so you don't have to make emergency runs.

Restaurant manager doing paperwork

With everything else you have going on, sometimes paperwork gets put at the bottom of the priority list — until it becomes a MONSTER!

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Giving you much more than those limited, high fee mobile payment apps

Food Truck POS Food Truck POS mobile management Food Truck POS backoffice management
  • Wireless Bluetooth printing keeps things tidy in the truck
  • Offline payments means no more “chasing bars” — you get paid even without a signal
  • Tap-to-pay compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other cell phone payment wallets
  • Check the labor dashboard to see how sales and labor compares
  • View cash and credit sales, so you know how money is coming in
  • Export data for online spreadsheets to make bookkeeping a snap
  • Use the inventory management system to monitor stock levels
  • Add CRM and create a mobile fan club
  • View sales per hour and per day to find the best locations
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Offline Processing

No more no-bars nightmares. You don't need to have the internet to take cards with Rezku POS. In our seamless offline mode, you continue to take orders and swipe cards, and the system automatically knows to wait to process payment until you're online. You can vend at a remote location, spend all day in offline mode and batch your payments when you're back home!

Inventory Tracking

Before you drive back to the hub it would be nice to know what is actually in stock. Don't waste your limited truck space and hard-earned cash stocking unnecessary supplies. Rezku's ingredient-level product costing helps bring full-service restaurant menu engineering practices into your food truck. Now when you experiment with new menu items, you can confidently price them according to ingredient costs and target margin.

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Food Truck Management

Labor, payroll, taxes, and accounting are serious records that your business needs to prioritize. Many food truck owners kinda fudge these things a bit because they're hiring friends or family or they don't think they can spend the time to do it right. The problem is that these bad habits just make things worse. The truth is bookkeeping can be easy. Rezku POS has integrated time cards to log employee shifts. Labor and sales data are stored for you automatically in our secure cloud. You can pull it up at any time, even on the go. You can even export for Excel or Quickbooks.

Detailed Sales Reporting

By checking detailed sales reports like Sales-by-Hour and Sales-by-Item you can determine what are your best sellers, where and when. Use this data to capitalize on the opportunities around you. You can manage your stock based on the most popular items for a given location. Using your POS system to track trends is just smart business. Now, even slow days are providing valuable data that can be used to target profitability. Use this information to help you plan in advance what stock, how much, when and where to park your truck. End the days of hunting and hoping and start knowing.

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Clean, Simple and Wireless

Food truck runners
Rezku POS Ingenico card readers

Not just all that, Rezku is a wireless point of sale solution designed for food trucks. We use Epson Bluetooth printers and Ingenico card readers to ensure you have stable and reliable performance. Your POS system will let you ring in orders, print receipts, take mobile payments and more, even without internet access.

Just connect your iPad to a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi access point, and it will upload when the network is available. The most important thing is that you can keep working one way or the other. On an unstable connection it's not going to "kick you out" or make you tap a warning message to use offline mode. You don't have to do anything but keep selling!

More Than Just a Food Truck Payment App

Card-swipe apps are limited in their purpose — they just take payment, with rates much higher than Rezku POS offers.

Rezku Food Truck POS Rezku Food Truck POS French Fries

A phone swiper is not a food truck management system. It’s important to think of your food truck as a mobile restaurant. Especially if you dream of opening a brick and mortar location on the future. Using Rezku POS now will help you grow your food truck business and continue to expand with you, minimizing cost and hassle. We work with hundreds of restaurants and food vendors, so you're not just getting a piece of plastic for your phone, you're getting a team of experienced consultants that will help you implement industry best practices for running your operation!.

Step up your food truck game with a legit point of sale for restaurants — for less than you probably think.

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