Point of Sale Solutions for Fine Dining Restaurants

Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for fine dining restaurants of all sizes.

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Are You Struggling with These Worries Too?

Concerned customer

Working in a restaurant can be stressful, servers need training if they’re going to stick with it, but that takes a significant investment.

Overworked employee

The thought of switching POS can be scary but what’s more frightening is being lost behind your competition because you refused to change.

Relying on technology

When poorly designed POS systems go down they can cost restaurants thousands of dollars in lost payments

Employees stealing

New technology can help you manage your time better and give you the control you need faster and easier.

Rezku POS Knows Restaurant Management

Fine dining restaurants are switching to a better point of sale

Fine Dining POS Fine Dining POS mobile management Fine Dining POS backoffice management
  • Send orders to unlimited printers, kitchen stations, bar and more
  • Tableside ordering is fast and easy with detailed floor plans
  • Split, merge, order by seat, use multiple payment types — super easy!
  • Manage from anywhere you have internet -- full access to back office mobile
  • Audit time cards, run reports, manage the menu and much more
  • All data is instantly updated and backed up in the securely encrypted cloud
  • All the reporting you need, easy to read
  • Set promotional periods that run automatically to adjust prices
  • Totally lock down your system to prevent theft with discreet permissions management
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Reduce Training Times and Increase Productivity

With Rezku point of sale, you can fight against long training times. Our initiative soft- ware works like an iPhone. Train in minutes with full-color picture menus and product descriptions. Item-specific modifiers mean no more searching through confusing lists of irrelevant options.

Embrace the Latest Technology for Classy Tableside Service

Order and pay tableside from an iPad or iPad mini. Tickets are sent wirelessly to the kitchen without FOH staff right from the table. Detailed floor plans on the touch screen help servers keep close track of their tables without mixing things up. Speed up check- out and get more turns per service. Now that’s efficient!

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An Offline Mode That Will Keep Taking Payments

Other point-of-sales systems offline mode is hamstrung. It just won’t work for fine dining where customers expect great service. Even without internet Rezku POS will keep going, printing tickets and running credit cards. You may not even realize it’s offline. Most impor- tantly you keep getting paid, and service isn’t interrupted.

Manage Your Time Better and Get More Done

Imagine not having to be in your office or laptop to work. View dashboards on the go to get a clear idea of service performance – but that’s not all. Because of the secure cloud and Rezku POS mobile back office, you have full access to all the reporting and configuration changes you have in the desktop version. Change menu prices, monitor inventory, audit time cards and more anywhere you have internet access.

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Data Security Is Serious, And So Are We

Rezku POS is the only 100% PCI and EMV compliant cloud-based restaurant POS for iPad. That’s important to know because cyber fraud is a real threat to you and your guests. You can ensure your customers that you are protecting their data and that sensitive payment information is locked behind powerful encryption that isn’t accessible to would-be fraudsters.

Rezku POS Customer Support

Understand that if you’re found liable for data breaches it could have a serious impact on your finances and your reputation. PCI and the credit card companies levy onerous fees in the thou- sands of dollars for merchants who are caught violating standards that lead to acts of fraud. Rezku POS helps to protect you from this liability by using advanced cryptographic technology and compliance with the EMV and PCI standards.

You Deserve the Best POS Support

It doesn’t much matter what the advertised features of a fine-dining point of sale are if you can’t use them. That’s why we are involved from beginning to end to help make sure that your experience with Rezku point of sale is as stress-free as it can be. It’s said that peace of mind is priceless, but unlimited Rezku POS customer support and training for you and your staff is included with your service

Rezku Fine Dining POS

The best customer service in the industry is staffed with knowledgeable professionals experienced in restaurant management technology, at your service day and night to make sure you and your restaurant staff can get quick answers to their questions through chat, email or phone. Always reach a live person — call us now!

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You Can Do So Much With Rezku POS. Why Not Start Today?

Download Rezku POS for free today and let our team of experts show you all the power under the hood. You'll be up and running in no time flat because we designed it that way. Start using Rezku POS in your fine-dining right now.

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