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Rezku POS is the whole package for small cafes

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

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Do you find yourself having to dig to get answers? Why can't the significant data be shown easily? If you find yourself having to go in every time you want to change a setting or pull a report you're being held captive by your POS. You sacrifice so much already — there has to be a better way!

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You want your tasty donuts on their mind every morning. How do you keep customers engaged? If you don’t create differentiation between your shop and others, they’ll just go where the wind blows. Hook them now before someone with a better marketing strategy captures them!

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You've got to get a handle on things. If you're throwing away too much product at the end of the day, you need to make smart adjustments to production that will save you money. Product costing and inventory management sound like they're hard to understand but it can mean the difference between sinking or swimming.

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You don't want to get into a situation where all your data is stuck in different apps. One for this, one for that — each with their own monthly fee. It means you have to spend time putting it together for things to make any sense. What you want is a donut shop management app that puts it all together.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful donut shop owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

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  • Intuitive ordering with a visually based menu means training takes minutes and not hours
  • Color code your menu or use images to help simplify training and speed checkout
  • Customer Profiles via the built-in CRM module helps you track leads and keep them engaged
  • Full access to the complete Back Office suite of management tools right from your phone
  • View sales by product and find out what your hot sellers are before they sell out tomorrow!
  • Audit employee timecards and make corrections from the comfort of your home or while on the go
  • Track inventory so you never run out of what you need when the line is out the door
  • Gift card reports show you how your card promotions are performing, how many cards you’re selling and for how much
  • Bookkeeping exports make tax time less of a chore – you’re accountant will appreciate it!
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Remote Management

As a donut shop manager, your responsibilities don't end when you walk out the door. But most POS systems are tied to the location, which means that if you want to get anything done, it has to be on site. Rezku Point of Sale wants to give you your life back a bit. Because it's cloud-based, you can access all the reports, settings, labor and sales data right from any internet connected device. That means you can pull up a report while watching YouTube or check sales on your phone during halftime at a ball game. No more worrying.

Gift Cards and CRM

In this connected world, the winners are increasing traffic in their shops through customer engagement. It's vital to establish a relationship with your customers now before someone else gets to them first. Collect details on your rabid fans and create a model for targeted marketing through email, direct mail or radio using data stored in the integrated Rezku customer relationship management system. Gift cards are another great way to inspire customer loyalty and promote your brand to other local businesses. What office worker wouldn't love the gift of donuts?

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Inventory and Sales Tracking

To help you take command of your resources, our POS for donut shops tracks sales in a variety of ways and provides you with detailed reports. It tracks sales by day, by the hour, by promotion, gift card sales and more. With food cost tracking your sales will show net profits as well. Turning on inventory tracking lets you manage the cost of food waste. Sales by product reports show you just how much you're selling for each donut type. Together these tools make sure you know what types of donuts to make and how much.

Built-In Features

More than just a cash register app, Rezku Point of Sale for donut shops is a suite of management tools to help you make better business decisions. Labor, CRM, table management, POS, and accounting are all working synergistically to help you do more on a single platform that is surprisingly affordable. Go toe-to-toe with the competition, using the same kind of powerful technology the major chains use.

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Rezku POS Gives You More

We take security very seriously. That's why Rezku POS is fully PCI and EMV compliant and is the only cloud-based iPad point of sale that has met that rigorous standard. You and your customers can rest assured that your data is locked behind an unbreakable encryption wall at every step using P2PE technology. We also use fully compatible EMV card readers to protect you from EMV fraud liability.

Rezku ipad point of sale being used

iPad is the most reliable platform for technology to date, bulletproofed from viruses and security attacks that Windows and Android POS systems are vulnerable to. You won't get taken down by a virus on iPad.

And Rezku POS has the best serverless offline mode of any system. Without the internet, you can still take orders and make payments, and it's seamless; so when the internet is restored everything updates automatically. You may never even know you'd been running offline.

Point of Sale Without Holes

Our point of sale is extremely flexible and highly expandable. The best POS for your donut shop is designed for all types of foodservice concepts. So if you decide you want to start selling lunch items or expanding your donut menu with additional cafe items, it's no sweat. Configuring the menu the way you want to is easy, and we'll consult with you at every step of the way. Incredibly, unlimited US-based support is wholly included with our service.

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Now's the Time to Book a Demo

When you see more of what Rezku POS offers we know you'll be excited to try it for yourself. One of our product specialists will put together a customized product demonstration based on your needs and contact you at your convenience. 15 minutes is all it takes — we know your time is valuable.

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