Point Of Sale Solutions for Classic Diners

Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for diners of all sizes.

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Does This Sound Anything like You?

Concerned customer

You're worried that if you raise prices, you'll lose business but there has to be another way to maintain profitability and keep your doors open.

Overworked employee

When things are out of control you might feel like there's never enough time to get it all done. What you need is help with efficiency.

Relying on technology

The fact is you'll have to upgrade eventually, it's better to do it on your own terms than waiting until you're forced to.

Employees stealing

If you don't have your point of sale on lock-down you could be out thousands a month from employee theft alone.

Rezku POS Gives You the Power to Take Control

with tools to help you make the big calls that matter most

Diner POS Diner POS mobile management Diner POS backoffice management
  • Print tickets to the kitchen without leaving the table
  • Integrated floor plans help you keep track of where the food goes
  • Split orders by seat, by item or payment type
  • See which server is your top sales star
  • Check the cash drawer ballence
  • Audit employee timecards
  • Easy to read dashboard shows you everyting at a glance
  • Add CRM to keep a profile of your regulars to up your marketing
  • Smart reports let you control the data you want to see
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Reduce Waste and Lower Costs

When facing rising costs from labor and food ingredients on the one hand and pressure from guests not to raise prices, it leaves you with shrinking margins in the middle. Careless staffing, over-portioning and lack of cost monitoring can make this situation more desperate. But you don't want to spend all your time at it. Rezku POS helps you strike a balance between effort and reward by giving you tools to reduce waste. Put the power of data and technology to work for you, with dashboard infographics that make business intelligence easy to read. Average ticket, sales per-server, top selling items and more are at your fingertips.

Remote Management Gives You Back Your Life

What if you could do more at home or on the go? What if you didn't need to be chained to the computer to manage your restaurant? What if you could go to a park or a ball game and still have up to the moment updates on your restaurant's performance right in your pocket? With Rezku POS you have the power to do everything because it's cloud-based. Your diner's data is backed up securely. That means you can audit timecards while on the train, change the menu while waiting in line and stop worrying so much about when you'll have the time to do what you need to do.

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Reliable Technology That's Easy to Use

If you've been waiting to upgrade your point of sale because you're not "techie" and worry about being unable to take orders because your system is down, you'll be relieved to know that Rezku is incredibly easy to use. Built from the ground up to be simple yet capable. Build on iPad, the preferred tablet in business and industry, Rezku POS uses robust wireless Bluetooth and WiFi connections to keep everything connected. But you don't need to have internet for things to work. The Rezku POS system will still fully perform even offline.

Keep Watch on Everything and Take Control

When you're running a diner, you have to keep an eye on everything to make sure your finances are secure. If staff know you're not looking you'll be taken advantage of. From unauthorized discounts to selling food with- out ringing it up or worse, snatching money right out of the till. You need to know what your staff are doing. Rezku POS gives you lots of management control to lock things down such as per-user permissions and sales exceptions reports that show you every comp, every discount and every custom item sent to the kitchen.

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Rezku Includes Unlimited Support and Training

What good is a point of sale if you don't know how to use it? It's not good to you at all, and that's why along with a robust POS that is affordable and fully featured, you'll also get the best customer service and support in the industry. A true partnership, we want you to take full advantage of everything our restaurant management platform has to offer.

Rezku POS Customer Support

That's unlimited support and training for you and your staff. Pick up the phone and get a real live person that knows the restaurant industry. Write us an email and get a reply within minutes or hours, not days. Chat with us on this website any time you have questions and when you're ready to book a demo. No bots, not cut and copy, you have our full attention.

A Real Offline Mode That Keeps Your Diner Running

Other point-of-sales systems for diners may claim to have an offline capability but probe deeper, and you'll find they're completely hamstrung and virtually useless. The real test of an offline mode for POS is taking credit card payments.

Rezku Food Truck POS Rezku Food Truck POS French Fries

Because Rezku POS uses a hybrid cloud strategy to protect your data, you can keep running your diner even when there's no internet. Keep printing orders, keep providing receipts. All sales made offline seamlessly integrate when back online so your bookkeeping is free of inconsistency.

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Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation with an Expert

Download Rezku POS for free today and let our team of experts show you all the power under the hood. You'll be up and running in no time flat because we designed it that way. Start using Rezku POS in your diner right now.

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