POS Solutions for Neighborhood Delis

Fast, reliable and easy to use — Rezku POS meets the demands of the deli counter.

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Busy sandwich store

It's a constant struggle to stay ahead of the pack. New franchise locations open all the time and deli owners are always thinking about their finances.

Deli worker grilling sandwiches

It's getting harder to find good employees at an affordable rate. And large cities pushing for new laws at the state level negatively affect business owners in smaller communities.

Taking stock

If you're not keeping track of inventory you're probably getting robbed blind. Employees may be giving away free food or not following portioning guidelines.

Busy restaurant owner

Technology has moved so quickly in the last couple years. When looking at POS systems from even 5 or 6 years ago, they seem miles behind. But you may be tempted to buy "new" old hardware because it's the devil you know.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful deli owners use advanced technology to protect their investment.

Deli POS Deli POS mobile management Deli POS backoffice management
  • Scale support lets you sell by weight for bulk meats, cheeses, macaroni salad and more
  • Easy and intuitive to use, you’ll be using Rezku POS in minutes!
  • Checkout with multiple payment types, cash, credit, tap to pay or with a cell phone wallet
  • View sales by product to get a full picture of your daily sales and what’s the most popular
  • Check the labor dashboard and make sure you’re not overstaffing the deli and lowering profits
  • See your average check amount to better understand your customer’s spending habits
  • Ingredient costing lets you set prices based on cost to maintain a healthy profit margin
  • Data exports for spreadsheets means less time puzzling over the bookkeeping tasks
  • Unlimited menu items can be added to the system with no additional charge.
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Remote Management Tools

Our restaurant partners love the peace of mind achieved by checking their numbers anytime, day or night, on their phone, no longer fearing that something is going on that they're missing. When you know sales by product, by day, by the hour and by the employee, you can decide what's working and what isn't. Having real-time sales reports and tools you can access anywhere lets you adjust on the fly, so there are no surprises. There are even more sales reports in Rezku POS, and we'll teach you how to use them.

Labor and Sales Dashboard

With Rezku POS dashboard all of your most important operational data is right in front of you. At a glance, you can immediately understand how your sandwich shop is performing, seeing how much you're spending on labor, how much your gross sales are, and average sale and labor cost in proportion to sales. With Rezku POS timeclocks are built in, so you can view who's on shift, verify employee punches and make corrections on your phone, desktop or tablet without having to be on-site.

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Ingredient Inventory Tracking

If you're trying to get a handle on food cost, reduce the amount of product thrown away and increase staff accountability to prevent theft, our POS inventory management tools have got you covered. Enter your inventory and tie it to the products you sell. In the system, every sale will account for the amount of stock that should be removed. Performing an audit determines how much of your food is missing. Controlling waste and monitoring food costs is important to increasing your deli's profitability.

FAST to learn, FAST to use

We're convinced that we provide the fastest, easiest to use POS and we'd love the chance to see what you think when you use it. Our customers tell us that it's the most natural point of sale they've used. Although we offer unlimited training for free, most owners train their staff on their own in less than 20 minutes. Most people pick it up and can take orders without any training (but we do love showing off how all the exciting features work!). Because Rezku POS is designed to be flexible, we consult with you on how to build the menu and organize it to suit your needs. Controlling the order flow is easy, and we help you do it!

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More Reasons for Deli Owners to Love Rezku

Take Credit Payments Offline — When the lunch rush is coming, you can't be messing around. Rezku POS has a seamless offline mode, so you can keep making payments and orders offline. The system works just like it would normally. And when the internet is restored, all orders and payments made offline are updated within minutes. Because Rezku POS for Sandwich Shops is cloud-based, you don't have to worry about an on-site server that needs nightly backups, or having a hard drive failure.

iPad Reliability — Rezku is a true iPad POS system. It doesn't require a server and unlike some other tablet-based POS systems is an actual app, not just a glorified webpage that doesn't work offline. iPad hardware and software are the premiere bulletproof tablet platform preferred by businesses and perfect for restaurants.

Promotions That Work — Running effective promotions can make or break your deli. To make sure promotions bring in the lunchtime crowds without losing the shirt off your back, you need to track ROI (return on investment) for promotions with detailed sales reports. Rezku POS also has support for gift cards — a proven way to increase sandwich shop sales and a great way to co-promote with local businesses.

Accessories That Delis Need

Rezku POS supports additional accessories designed especially for neighborhood sandwich shops.

Rezku Deli & Sandwich Shop POS Rezku Deli & Sandwich Shop POS Sandwich Sub

Add a top quality Brecknell scale to ring up delicious meats and cheeses by weight. Our point of sale also has retail features to make it easy to sell packaged goods like chips and cookies. Rezku has integrated support for reliable and durable Honeywell UPC scanners included at no additional cost. So you can ring up items as fast as your trigger finger!

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15 Minutes Now, and You Start for Free

Sign up now for a personalized demo of Rezku POS. It takes just 15 minutes, and one of our product specialists will show you, even more, reasons to be excited about your new point of sale. Download it now for free and use Rezku Deli POS on as many iPads as you like!

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