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Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for cafeterias of all sizes.

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Do You Find Yourself Worrying About These Things?

Concerned customer

Upset customers grumble if the lines are too long. You don’t want to lose business during the lunch rush.

Overworked employee

You have enough things to do, a revolving cafeteria menu can take up too much time — Especially if the interface is poorly designed.

Relying on technology

As a cafeteria manager, you work closely with the site. You need to produce numbers and provide other managers with data.

Employees stealing

When dealing with cafeteria volumes, it’s essential to track waste and audit inventory, but it shouldn’t be difficult of time-consuming to implement.

Improve Food Service Operations Today

Cafeterias big and small benefit from the power of Rezku POS

Cafeteria POS Cafeteria POS mobile management Cafeteria POS backoffice management
  • Easy to read full-color menu with high definition images and clear text makes ordering a snap!
  • Period pricing lets you adjust prices based on what time items are ordered
  • Set permissions and lock down discounts, keep track of comps and who is using the register at all times
  • See which server is your top sales star
  • Check the cash drawer ballence
  • Audit employee timecards
  • Change and update menus from your phone with an internet connection
  • View employee timecards and how much you're spending in labor
  • Access all back office reports in the palm of your hand
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The Fastest POS to Use

With Rezku POS we help you design an order screen workflow that makes sense and re- duces training time and ringing up orders. Start with a “speed menu” for the most popu- lar items, add color coding for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Use high-resolution product images to order so fast you don’t even have to read.

Unlimited Menus with Activate/Deactivate

If you find that you’re spending too much time working on your cafeteria menu and your counter person is getting lost in a sea of buttons. Don’t worry, with Rezku POS it’s easy to change cafeteria menus and eliminate visual clutter from the order screen. Or- ganize menus by day and activate today’s offering in just a few clicks. Bring back menu items without having to set them up again.

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Detailed Reporting to Make Better Decisions

When you need to know the numbers, don’t fret because Rezku shows you everything, in- cluding sales by product and by-product category. Many Cafeterias are run at a loss, but there’s no reason they can’t be run more efficiently and make a profit. You just need the data to back you up so you can make right choices. We’ll show you how to use the report- ing in Rezku POS to give you a clear view of how to improve your cafeteria operations.

Inventory Management

With ingredient level inventory tracking you can price your cafeteria food more accurately and keep account of your ingredient stock. Track waste and reduce costs by performing audits. Watch levels, so you know how much to order before it’s too late. With food cost tracked in Rezku point of sale, you’ll have net sales in your reporting for a better understanding of your cafeteria’s cash flow.

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Service and Tech Support That Listens to You

Do you find that calling customer support is more frustrating than the question you have? With Rezku we make sure that’s not how we do things. Everyone on our team is hand-picked for their expertise in restaurant management technology and stellar customer service.

Rezku POS Customer Support

When you’re tired of being treated like a number or an annoyance and are ready to be respected and listened to as a partner you’re ready for Rezku POS. Enjoy unlimited support and training for you and your staff at no additional cost. We want your cafeteria to be accomplished with your point of sale from Rezku because we believe that your prosperity is ours as well.

Built on the Capable, Cost-Effective and Reliable iPad

Rezku POS is based on iPad for some excellent reasons. The beautiful high definition screen is responsive to touch and easy to read, unlike old-style POS touch screens. iPad is a robust platform in a small and affordable package (less than $350 for a brand new iPad!).

Rezku Food Truck POS Rezku Food Truck POS French Fries

Avoid all the complexity and sluggishness of a windows based point of sale. The Rezku app takes full advantage of iPad’s powerful chips, long battery life, and strong wireless connections. With Rezku and iPad you can simplify your point of sale setup, save a lot of money and get better performance and features.

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