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Can You Relate to These Problems?

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You may think that you have to go the cheapest route when choosing a POS. However, keep in mind that the system you choose today will be a part of life in your cafe for years to come.

Having a business conversation in a cafe

Being a cafe manager is a full-time job and then some. If you have to go on-site every time you need to run a report, change the menu or fix a punch, you're probably missing out on a lot of other important things you could be doing.

Baristas working

Most point of sale systems have a fatal flaw — they go down and take you with them. This fear keeps many restaurant owners up at night. But reverting to an old cash register because you're afraid of the worst happening isn't a solution either.

Women using Rezku POS BackOffice

Have you ever been looking at spreadsheets so long that the numbers turn into hieroglyphs? Decoding that stuff takes time and energy, but it's important to "know your numbers." When you're on the go, you need up to the minute data that's easy to read.

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful cafe owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

Cafe POS Cafe POS mobile management Cafe POS backoffice management
  • Speedy ordering with an intuitive layout — you’ll have it down in minutes!
  • Take all modern payment types including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Inludes gift cards and a CRM so you can create a coffee club to remember and up your direct marketing efforts
  • Reduce labor costs by watching your labor dashboard and adjusting staffing to match closely with sales volume
  • View timecards to monitor employee punches — edit and correct timecards right from your phone
  • Check inventory levels and re-order before it’s too late — never get caught short!
  • Unlimited modifiers means ringing in coffee orders accurate, no matter how complex
  • Download exports for bookkeeping software so your books will always be in order
  • Auto-adjusting promotions run in the background, so prices change on the fly according to pre-set days and times

Manage from "Everywhere"

Because data for the cafe is secured in the cloud, you have 24/7 remote access to all your reporting, labor management and menu tools. You don't have to be on-site or logged into a terminal to view sales reports, edit timecards or update prices. Imagine being in line at the supermarket, watching Netflix or out at a ball game and still being able to take care of your work obligations. Your time is packed enough as a restaurant owner and just being able to step outside or go for a walk is nice. Quickly pull up the sales dashboard on your phone to see how the cafe is performing and give yourself some well-deserved breathing room.

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The Super-Reliable POS

Built with iPad technology and reliable hardware the Rezku POS app is a stable platform that doesn't use on-site servers or need the internet to work. Offline mode in Rezku POS works seamlessly to let you take orders, print receipts and pay with credit cards even without a connection. This creates a highly resilient system that adapts to keep the coffee shop running even under less than ideal conditions.

Focused Data When You Need It

Management dashboards show everything you need in an easy to read visual layout. You're a smart and experienced businessperson, but you need up to the moment details to make informed choices. With Rezku’s management dashboards you can change course now before it's too late! Or have peace of mind, knowing when you're on the right track. Data exports make taxes and spreadsheets easy by integrating with popular accounting and spreadsheet software you already use, like Quickbooks and Excel.

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Point Of Sale Has Never Been This Easy Before

But it's only this easy if you choose Rezku POS. We put the customer experience at the center of everything we do, just like you do. From the intuitive interface that people just "get," to our concierge-level onboarding process to unlimited support and training, and more. At every level of interaction, we've looked at how to make it better for you — and we continue to get even better by listening.

Rezku iPad POS being used by two employees

And Rezku Point of Sale continues to get better because we listen to our customers. You can rest assured that as technology and the cafe business change over time we’ll be there at your side providing the tools and training to help you adapt to those new challenges, and take advantage of exciting opportunities.

Rezku POS Offers Data Security Peace Of Mind

Security matters. With so many credit card data breaches that have taken place, tech-savvy coffee customers want assurances from you that their credit card data is protected. Legacy POS systems based on Windows have hundreds of known security holes, and if you think that's as bad as it gets, Android tablets have about a thousand open security exploits.

Rezku Cafe POS Coffee

iPad is the most secure POS platform. When paired with Rezku's PCI Data Security Standard compliance and integrated P2PE Encryption technology you can assure your cafe patrons that their private data is incredibly secure and safe from data thieves.

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Register for a customized Rezku POS demonstration Now

15 minutes with one of our knowledgeable product specialists and you'll see for yourself what makes Rezku Point of Sale the best choice for independent and small chain coffee shop cafes. Download the POS app free from the Apple Apps Store and get started right away!

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