Point of Sale Solutions for Bustling Buffets

Rezku POS is the easy to use fully featured iPad point of sale for buffets of all sizes.

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Do You Have These Worries About Your Buffet?

Concerned customer

Things move quickly in a buffet, you want to keep the line moving and serve large parties but your old point of sale is breaking down

Overworked employee

If you go cheap you could be lacking quality and features, but you don’t want to pay too much either.

Relying on technology

Things get complicated with too many systems to manage different tasks. There has to be a better way!

Employees stealing

If you’re fighing your old system to get your books done it’s a waist of your time.

Busy Buffets Really Benefit from Rezku POS!

Consider adding tableside service to your buffet to push up-sells

Diner POS Diner POS mobile management Diner POS backoffice management
  • Fast and accurate ordering with forced modifiers
  • Unlimited changes to keep your menu updated and accurate
  • Order by table and wirelessly print guest drinks to the bar
  • Dashboard infographics make it easy to keep track of KPIs and metrics
  • Manage from anywhere there’s internet, at the park, the ball game or on the couch
  • Full back office functionality on the go!
  • Smart Reports that work for you – configure the data range to get the view you need
  • Activate and deactivate menu items instantly to keep your menu up to date
  • Set timed pricing to change lunch and dinner prices automatically
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Easy to Learn, Fast to Use

A buffet restaurant POS system needs to be simple, but it also needs to be capable. A buffet POS should help you move the line fast. Rezku POS features color-coded menus and high resolution images so rining up customers is a cinch. Fast payment from cash, check, gift cards, and more.

Affordable and Full-Featured POS

The cost of a Rezku POS solution is suprizingly affordable. Compare and save – you’ll quickly find that Rezku POS gives you much more than the competition does. Rezku POS is a true restaurant point of sale deisned for all kinds of food service concepts, in- cluding buffet service. Also includes support for scales and bar code scanners.

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Your Complete Restaurant Managment Solution

Count covers, manage inventory, get detailed sales and labor tracking. Build in your floor plan and assign guests to tables to keep track of drink orders and table-side orders. Rezku POS is more than just a point of sale. CRM, gift cards and loyalty are integrated to help you retain more guests.

Exports and Reports

Rezku makes it easy to keep your books in order and get the numbers you need to maintain profitablity. Sales by catagory, sales by product and detailed labor reports are ready to export to your payroll service in just a few clicks. Product sales by hour helps make sure you’re not over-producing and creating expensive waste.

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Reduce Downtime and Confusion — We’ve Got You Covered

One of the worst things that can happen to a buffet is having a point of sale go down. The inability to get payments or ring in customers is unacceptable. You only make money when large parties are effieicently moving through the restaurant. Rezku POS uses an advanced offline mode that is both stable and seccure so you can keep taking payments even when there’s no internet! Most POS systems leave you dead in the water, but not Rezku.

Rezku POS Customer Support

We also give you the best support in the industry, call in and get a real live person. Chats are responded to without cookie cutter replies and emails are answered in hours, not days. We know what it’s like to run a restaurant because everyone on our team is hand picked for a commitment to service and knowledge in restaurant management technology. If you’ve never felt like your point of sales vendor truely listened to you, give us a call now and experience the Rezku difference for yourself.

Beef Up Your Buffet With Extra Features

A great way to increase profits in the buffet is to offer limited table service to guests ordering alcohol or menu items.

Rezku Food Truck POS Rezku Food Truck POS French Fries

Rezku POS is a fully featured restaurant point of sale that can help you take your buffet service to the next level of service while still maintaining a small staff. Tickets are fired off to the kitchen or bar wirelessly so servers can stay in their section providing more guests with prompt service.

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You Can Do So Much With Rezku POS. Why Not Start Today?

Just download the app and you’re on your way. We’ll provide free training and assistance to get you started. Register now for a free 15-minute restaurant management consulation and you’ll be using your new fine dining point of sale in minutes. It’s our sincere commitment to restaurant owners like you to provide the best POS you’ve ever used. You won’t find this level of service with other point-of-sale providers.

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