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Rezku POS has tons of features for breweries and great customer service on tap.

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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Beer bottles

Distribution is controlled by the mega-breweries. Even if your beer is being asked for by name, it's difficult to find enough restaurants and retail locations to sell your growing brand.

Craft brewery

Craft brewery production volume is limited, so it's important to know where to focus your resources and manage inventory to fill orders. Local breweries need to supply their customers regularly with what they want, in order to maintain relationships.

Brewing beer

You know brewing and have management skills but running a booming taproom can be intimidating. It requires additional skills you may feel that you don't yet possess.

Man on cellphone

Credit payment falls under special data security requirements that carry heavy penalties if violated. And those "free" phone swipers also charge the absolute highest credit payment processing rates in the industry, not to mention all the critical functionality you'd miss out on.

Taprooms across America are switching to Rezku POS

The most advanced brew-pub point of sale for iPad

Bar POS Bar POS mobile management Bar POS backoffice management
  • Accept all payment types, debit, CC, Apple and Google pay and more!
  • Easy visual interface is intuitive – takes minutes not hours to learn
  • Tips are tracked per-employee, so everyone gets their tips, and they are reported
  • Activate and deactivate beers or add new ones to the menu while on the go
  • Check labor costs compared to sales to help decide if you’re over-staffing
  • View happy hour sales to find out if your promotions are paying off
  • Add CRM to step up your direct marketing campaign
  • Export sales data to spreadsheets to make bookkeeping easy
  • Product sales reports show you which beers are the most popular and profitable!
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Overcome The Beverage Distribution Monopolies

Demand for locally made craft beer is high, but traditional distribution channels are limited. Connect directly with customers excited about your beer by opening a restaurant brew pub or tap room. With Rezku POS you can be confident that you have all the resources needed to expand into direct-to-consumer sales, whether you include food on the menu or not.

Profit from Inventory And Sales Management

Brewing is a cash-hungry business. It's all about smart growth and setting priorities. That's where we come in. The Rezku POS system gives brewers the detailed sales reports necessary to understand the market they’re in byt tracking trends. For brew-pubs, ingredient-level inventory makes menu price setting a snap. Getting a handle on costs and sales means accurate projections that tell you when to expand your brewery and reduced risk to your hard earned cash.

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Successful Brewers Follow Proven Metrics

Your brew-pub needs a capable yet easy to use POS that makes data accessible. The tools that tap room managers need most, like integrated labor and payroll management are built right in. Infographic dashboards keep track key metrics like the labor to sales ratio. And you can do 100% of your management remotely! Sales, net profit, inventory levels, time cards and more. In the brewery, at home or out at a ballgame and keep managing the pub right from your smartphone.

Simple and Secure POS

Rezku Point of Sale for taprooms proves that a POS with integrated management features doesn't have to be complicated at all. When you pick it up and try it for yourself, you'll see how intuitive it really is. Your staff will quickly take to it in minutes, with no long training sessions required. Brewmeisters are all about paying attention to detail, and one important detail is that Rezku is the only cloud-based iPad POS for brewery taprooms that is both EMV and PCI compliant. What this means is that credit card data is safe, secure and encrypted — freeing you from worry about liability risks associated with data breaches and payment fraud.

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iPad POS Technology That You Can Depend On

We believe in providing the best, most reliable and easy to use POS for breweries. That’s why Rezku is designed on the latest generation of iPad technology.

This means lower costs to you because every new generation, the price of amazing tech just keeps going down! POS systems using older technology cost more and can lack important modern features you’ll find in Rezku, like secure cloud backups and a sophisticated offline mode. There are also security and PCI compliance concerns you should be aware of.

While iPad has proven track record with iOS security and hardware reliability, other tablet brands also raise security concerns, especially if they are not regularly updated.

Women using Rezku iPad Brewery POS

iPad tablets are used in serious business like medical, police and aviation. Hardware and software reliability is unmatched elsewhere in the tablet market. Paired with the intuitive and easy to use Rezku POS interface with offline mode and cloud backups you can rest assured that your taproom point of sale will work as hard as you do.

It’s also important to understand the technology used for a POS app you’re comparing before making a decision. Some don't work at all without an internet connection, and you certainly want to be aware of this, especially if you’ve experienced internet instability in the past!

Building Your Beer Brand

One of the most enjoyable parts of running an exciting local brewery taproom is the sense of community and family that extends from the small team of dedicated and passionate brewers to your appreciative patrons. Encouraging your patrons to spread the word as "brand ambassadors" is a critical part of expanding awareness of your beers in the region. Rezku’s restaurant management suite includes an integrated customer relationship management platform (CRM) for keeping in touch with your biggest beer fans through newsletters, emails, promotions and direct advertisements, leveraging their enthusiasm to create direct marketing opportunities.

Rezku Bar Point of Sale Rezku Bar Point of Sale Beer

Another essential way to promote your taproom is with gift cards. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity for additional birthday and holiday sales. We've got you covered, with affordable gift card options. Create high quality, full color, branded gift cards for your brewery taproom. Gift cards are well-received, boost revenue, and can also be used as promotional gifts to distributors and beer club members.

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Try It for Free Right Now

It only takes 15 minutes to participate in a personalized demonstration from one of our responsive product experts. Start right away and get free unlimited training and support from the best POS customer service team in the industry. You can access your account from anywhere you have the internet and use the Rezku POS app on as many iPads as you'd like!

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