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Can You Relate to These Problems?

Selling bread at outdoor bakery

Getting a handle on production costs is vital. If you don't know your product costs inside and out, you could be under-pricing your baked goods. This can have terrible consequences.

Bakery ingredient tracking

There isn't a chance that the prevailing wage is going down at any time. You just can't afford to schedule by guessing. As a rule of thumb, labor must maintain a level of 32% of sales or less. But how do you figure that out?

Bakery owner bookkeeping

Proper bookkeeping is critical. If you have an ineffective method, it's going to be more complicated, time-consuming and error-prone. A failure to keep proper records for your bakery could mean that all your hard work is taken from you.

Bakery manager remote access

It can be intimidating to imagine trying to start over on a new system, especially when you remember all the work that went into learning your current system. Are there any point of sale apps that make it easy to switch?

Rezku POS has the Solution to your Problems

Successful bakery owners use advanced technology to protect their investment

Bakery POS Bakery POS mobile management Bakery POS backoffice management
  • Item descriptions work as “cheat sheets” for new servers
  • Forced and unforced modifiers to make sure the kitchen gets accurate orders
  • Table service with floor plans to keep things running smooth
  • Easy to read dashboards show you all the details
  • Check on the performance of your promotions
  • Monitor employees and verify timecards
  • Easy menu design with a drag and drop interface
  • Export your data to spreadsheets for advanced analysis
  • Per-server product sales reports to find superstars
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Get Control of Costs

With Rezku POS's built-in ingredient costing you can effectively mark up goods, track stock levels and view gross profit in your sales reports. Tracking inventory helps you monitor waste, detailed sales reports show you what's selling so you don't over-produce underperforming products that end up in the trash.

Manage Labor Expenses

Rezku POS features built-in labor management and time clocks. Employees clock in and out on the POS screen, keeping things easy and all in one place. Manage employee time cards from anywhere you have internet using Rezku POS Back Office. View labor costs relative to sales in real time on the dashboard so you can keep them under control. This system was designed specifically to make managing labor costs easy to understand and accessible from anywhere.

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Simplify Your Bookkeeping

More than just a cash register app, Rezku helps you manage your books. Export detailed data from transactions, sales, and inventory to your preferred spreadsheet or accounting software like QuickBooks or Excel. Spend less time figuring out the numbers and take some of the stress out of taxes and accounting. When your books are easy to keep under control, you can focus more of your energy where you're really needed.

Easy Yet Powerful POS

Sometimes it can seem like you just keep banging your head against the same brick walls. But taking a little time to learn new methods that work better will save you from headaches. We designed our bakery point of sale to be easy to use. We make that learning curve easy. You're always just a call, chat or email away from getting all your questions answered by a real, live person based in the Rezku offices in Sacramento, not overseas and not outsourced. Rest assured that you'll be assisted by someone with food service experience that cares and understands you.

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Choosing Rezku POS Is Easy as Pie

Flexible and Expandable — If you're thinking of adding tables, you're covered. Adding seasonal items and timed promotions is a cinch, and you can activate and deactivate specials easily. The Rezku POS menu designer is incredibly simple to use but powerful in its capabilities.

iPad Point of Sale customer loyalty program

A POS for restaurant concepts — Rezku POS is made for independent restaurants and other food service entrepreneurs by people who understand the demands of the industry. We're not just a software company making apps. Rezku POS is a restaurant company making things better for you.

Simple yet powerful — Every feature of our bakery point of sale is carefully planned and battle-tested to meet the needs of bakers. The intuitive interface is quick to learn for you and your staff. Under the hood are the power and capabilities that you expect from a fully featured restaurant POS system.

We Help Solve Challenges Facing Retail Bakers

Bakeries are a hot trend now with less direct competition than other foodservice concepts, but you're still competing with restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes to capture the interest of your guests. Success depends on finding the right niche.

Rezku Bakery POS Rezku Bakery POS Loaves of bread in front of tablet

The baked goods category is vast, from elaborate custom cakes to hearty fresh bread and soup bowls. But spreading too thin and trying to do everything is just as bad as doing something that doesn't match the local demographic. Establishing the right target market is critical to bakery success. Rezku POS helps you do that through our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. You can engage your customers in a new way by recording their preferences. Keep your fans updated through email and direct mail. Use them as a model customer for your marketing efforts.

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Now's the time to book a demo

When you see more of what Rezku POS offers we know you'll be excited to try it for yourself. One of our product specialists will put together a customized product demonstration based on your needs and contact you at your convenience.

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