• Build & Edit Menus Online

    Build advanced menus via our BackOffice portal. Add menu photos, change prices from any web device, anywhere.

  • True Cloud Technology

    Our POS does not require a computer server in your office. Everything is accessible in the cloud from any device. Stay connected in real time.

  • Staff Management

    Complete time clock management for both exempt and non-exempt employees. See labor costs versus sales. Make your restaurant more profitable.

  • Customized Floor Plans

    Add tables, bar stools, or download a background image in seconds. Combine tables for large parties. Have unlimited floor plans for your restaurant.

  • Customizable Receipts

    Add your brand message to your receipt. Keep your customers coming back for more with special offers printed right on your receipts.

  • Automated Reports

    Have daily reports automatically emailed to you. You choose which reports are important and our POS will automatically email them at a selected time.


  • Tableside Ordering

    Use iPad minis to have your staff provide a higher level of service, allowing them to take orders directly at the table. Orders are expedited to the kitchen.

  • Reduce Ordering Errors

    Our menu items can be set up with forced or unforced modifiers. Now communication errors are a thing of the past.

  • 86 Controls

    86ed items are automatically blocked from ordering, allowing your staff to improve the guests' experience and avoid walk backs and order delays.

  • Customized Buttons

    Control the look and feel of your POS with buttons that are customized by either color or product photo. This improves order speed and accuracy.

  • Customizable Permissions

    Determine the permissions each employee has, allowing only managers to comp food or process refunds. Avoid friend theft and free meals.

  • Fast Check Out

    When the meal is done your guests want the transaction process to be seamless. We allow you to quickly process transactions with a touch and swipe.


  • Timed Promotions

    With our POS you can run daily specials, happy hour specials or timed promotions. Set up is quick and easy and price changes are automatically controlled without staff interaction.

  • Check Splitting

    Split a check in half, thirds, fourths or whatever with a click. Or split a check item. It’s all simple and possible with Rezku POS.

  • Offline Mode

    When your internet goes out Rezku POS keeps working. Our offline mode allows you to continue to run your restaurant without pulling out the pen and paper.

  • SSL Secure

    All of your customer information is encrypted so only you have access to it. All transactions are certified PCI compliant.

  • Customizable Taxes

    Control taxes by item, by order type (for here or to go), or both. Our tax feature allows you to quickly fill out tax form ABC and tax reports with confidence.

  • Detailed Reports

    See what is selling and when. See who is selling what. Know your numbers with Rezku POS. We also allow you to download raw data into Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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