Join the Team!

Rezku is a great place to work and have fun — that is if your idea of fun is kicking butt and taking names. We're doing a lot of things differently here and challenging ourselves to be the best is a big part of it.

Rezku Career Opportunities:

  • Sales jobs


    • Sales Manager
    • Sales Trainer
    • Field Sales Representative
    • Phone Sales Representative
  • Agile developers

    Agile Developers

    • Web-App and Front-End Developer
    • Python Developer
    • Database Programmer
    • iOS App Developer
  • Customer support

    Customer Support

    • Customer Service I
    • Customer Service II
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Training & Onboarding Specialist
    • Technical Support I
    • Technical Support II
    • Technical Support Manager
  • Design and outreach

    Design & Outreach

    • UX Designer
    • Graphic Artist
    • Web Designer
    • Print Designer
    • Blog Writer
    • SEO Content Writer
    • Social Media Marketer

We're very picky about who gets to work with us. It takes a lot of drive and the ability to stay composed in a fast-paced environment where good decisions have to be made quickly. We demand a lot from our candidates because we demand a lot from ourselves.

But as they say "To the victor goes the spoils" — And we prove it with an extensive benefits package.

Direct Employment—You're not a temp. You're part of the family. We want you to be invested in our restaurant partners and us.

Regular Hours—Enjoy a steady paycheck with regular hours through the year.

Medical, Vision and Dental Benefits—Your health matters and we help make caring for you and those who depend on you more affordable.

Staff Appreciation—It's the little things that count, and we want to make sure you KNOW you're appreciated. If you've been here a while, you'll start your collection of staff appreciation "swag."

Weekly Team Lunches—After a successful week of helping our customers we like to let loose and have some fun. After all, we're a restaurant company, and Sacramento has some great cuisine. Enjoy complimentary food and drinks at some of Sacramento's best restaurants and bars with your Rezku comrades.

Paid Holidays—Family is important and spending holidays with those you care about is something we think you shouldn't have to put in a request for.

Fully Stocked All-You-Can-Eat Kitchen—Feel free to raid the fridge, it's what it's there for! Snacks and meals for every palate from cheese-its and cereal to organic chips and vegan soup, we're going to feed you!

Full-Time and Part-Time Flexibility—We have full-time and part-time opportunities and offer flexible schedules that work for you.

If you're super-talented and looking for an exciting challenge that's not your usual workplace, then we'd love to hear from you.

Send your resume and cover letter to