It's All About Relationships

We bring the best to our restaurant partners through our strategic alliances with leaders in point of sale technology and the credit card payment industry.

  • Hecker design

    Heckler Design creates beautifully modern straightforward commercial hardware and furniture for design-conscious businesses. They are best known for office products, and their secure tablet stand & mounts used in point of sale and professional A/V. Heckler Design is headquarterd in Phoenix, Arizona and all products are made in America. This partnership helps us fulfill our commitment to keeping business in the USA.

  • Ecard

    Because of their experience and reputation for superior quality. Rezku point of sale has partnered with eCard Systems as exclusive gift card supplier. Staying green means reusing rather than disposing. That's why eCard systems uses high-magnetic strips and credit-card quality, heat-press lamination to look great and perform longer. eCard Systems help our customers to put their best foot forward and encourage conservation.

  • Star micronics

    Apple computer is a prime innovator in system-on-chip hardware and secure, easy to use software. iPad is the pinnacle of that development. As official Apple Developer Program members, our hardware and software alliance with Apple allows us to assure our commercial restaurant customers that the high-level security and dependability they demand will be consistently delivered.

  • Ingenico

    With 35 years of experience and 30 million payment terminals in the field Ingenico Group is a global leader in seamless payments. Payment is the definitive act in the relationship between merchant and customer and payment hardware provided by Ingenico is the safe, easy and reliable way to facilitate that action. We offer Ingenico keypad options for their staying power, reputation and up-to-date keypads that let our customers take the latest payment formats including EMV chip cards and NFC contactless payment.

Partner With Us

Working with others to do better than we can do alone is a big part of our business. We invite you to partner with us and discover together what kind of big things we can do as collaborators.

Integration and Support

Do you have an integration proposal? Would you like us to add support for additional hardware or software? Are you interested in a business partnership that will help us deliver more exceptional service to our restaurant customers? Please share your ideas.

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