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Are my credit card processing fees going to increase?

If you choose the Rezku POS System, your credit card processing fees will most likely go down. Maybe even way down. We don’t use a 3rd party gateway that charges you extra fees either. We’ve worked hard to negotiate with one of the country’s largest payment processors, to get you the lowest fees and make the Rezku POS System the most affordable POS system for your restaurant.


Other POS companies might promise to match your current rates or allow you to use any processor, but then they may tack on expensive per transaction gateway fees. These fees could cost you thousands of dollars.


Is there a per-transaction gateway fee?

Because our POS system doesn’t use a 3rd party gateway, we get to make the rules. We decided you deserve better, faster payment processing without additional fees. Yes, we have a payment gateway just for our customers and decided that per-transaction fees were not going to fly.


Is there an offline mode so I can keep working when the internet is down?

Our iPad-based POS system has a robust offline mode that works behind the scenes. You probably won’t notice if you go offline temporarily, because it’s designed to keep working. Credit card acceptance even works in offline mode, updating automatically when the internet is available. This means you can keep taking orders, keep accepting credit cards and keep your business up and running, even when the network is down.


Other POS companies may say they have an offline mode but it limits you to use only one iPad when in offline mode. Others prevent you from storing and forwarding credit card data while in offline — preventing you from accepting credit card payments while in offline mode (that won’t work for your business). Others don’t even have an offline mode and require you to buy an expensive cellular router.


Do I need to get a data server installed at my location to use your POS system?

No. You don’t need to buy, install, maintain or back up a server with the Rezku POS System. Rezku uses the latest technology to safely store your data in the cloud, using AES 256-bit encryption. This increases your data reliability, accessibility and security. The Rezku POS System is completely PCI compliant and never stores your customers' sensitive information on-site, because there is no on-site server. All credit card data is encrypted using P2PE encryption so you never have to worry about your customers' credit card information being stolen.


If the POS provider requires you to buy a computer/server that stores your data, you are not buying a true cloud-based POS system. Legacy systems use this old technology.


Do I get to keep the equipment if I cancel? Is your POS compatible with other systems' hardware?

Yes. We provide reliable, affordable hardware, including support with financing available. Our customers also have the option of using their own compatible existing hardware, if they choose. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start using the Rezku POS System today!


Is there a contract required?

At Rezku, we like to keep things as simple as possible for our customers, so their choice to use Rezku POS is easy. We have a month-to-month service agreement and affordable hardware financing is available. We won’t lock you into a long-term contract because we are confident in our ability to earn your business every day. When you experience our commitment to excellence, service, reliability and saving you money, you’ll understand the Rezku difference!


Is your system EMV (chip card) compliant?

Yes. The Rezku POS System is fully EMV compliant. The team at Rezku is deeply committed to lowering your liability as the rules constantly change. You can count on your Rezku POS System to continually implement the latest standards for data security. Rezku is an industry leader in payment processor standards compliance. And unlike some other POS companies you will not have to pay a premium rate for credit card processing in order to be 100% EMV compliant.


Some POS providers require you to use expensive processing companies to become EMV compliant, costing you thousands. Don’t sign a flat rate fee contract that you will regret.


Do you limit or charge extra for additional menus, users and floor plans?

Part of our commitment to openness and simplicity is having no hidden fees or complicated pricing packages. There are no extra charges for menus, users, floor plans or training and support. Unlimited use of the Rezku POS System is yours for just $24/mo per register, period.


Some POS companies will charge you extra for additional menu pages, users or floors. Most restaurateurs don’t realize this until it is too late.


Are training and support included?

Unlimited training and support for you and your staff is available 7 days a week, morning to night. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff will help you set up your hardware, configure your menu, teach you to use the back office tools and train your staff how to take orders and process payments. Rest assured that you’ll have the help you need, when you need it. The Rezku team takes pride in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and is committed to helping your restaurant business achieve the success for which you work so hard.


Most POS companies tack on expensive charges for training, priority support, and menu building. These fees add up quickly. Additionally, some POS providers limit support to answers via email with nobody to walk you through your problem. These companies often have their support outside of the United States or use a third party to handle their technical support.


Is tableside ordering and payment an option?

Tableside service is increasingly expected by customers as an option that provides convenience and speeds up service. Tableside service streamlines guest payment and increases turn times for your restaurant as well. We even have the latest EMV compliant card readers if you want to offer pay at table to your customers.

The Rezku POS System is fully equipped to capitalize on the growing popularity of tableside service for both ordering and payment processing. Rezku POS is completely mobile-capable and connects with bluetooth card readers and remote printers. You can go paperless and email your guests their receipts! Our POS system was designed to help restaurants operate more effectively and efficiently.

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